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if any one has running on serving website/blog, take care of version and dependencies on _gitlab-ci.yml file

I had to change ruby to >2.5 after some failed builds

pequena animaci贸n visual que fai cada ano Strava cos MEUS datos Show more

De Twitter, @donahorta comenta sobre #aromaticas: Sim, s茫o 7锔忊儯, e s茫o magn铆ficas, e gost谩vamos muito que fossem 鉃 mas... uma coisa de cada vez 馃榿


"El complot mongol - Rafael Bernal"

Non sei por que, hoxe lembrei esta novela. Quiz谩is por unha alusi贸n que escoitei nun programa de radio a co帽ecer de 茅pocas e lugares a trav茅s da ficci贸n. Si! foi cando falaron de Anna Kar茅nina/Tolstoi

Pois mira a onde me foi a cabeza... M茅xico D.C. anos 70 do s茅culo pasado.

Tested Signal app on Ubuntu Touch. Needed a little bit of fiddling to set it up, and the app settings are sparse, but the basics are there and it works ! 馃憣 A happy surprise.
#ubports #signal That makes me think about the legal state of the app. The Signal lead developer was threatening LibreSignal project with a court-case as far as I remember, among others because he didn't want 3rd party apps to use the Signal servers. Have things changed in the mean time ?

Okupa Casa C谩diz necesita la solidaridad de la gente, necesitamos comida, mantas, sacos de dormir, ropa para atender a las personas que duermen en las calles de Barcelona. Acercate a ver el proyecto, conocenos y colabora con nosotras.

Not alternatives as such, but did you know there are some really nice webcomics on here? :blobaww:

These are well worth a follow:

War and Peas

Jake Lawrence

Chris Hallbeck


Os traballadores de Alcoa da Coru帽a e Avil茅s conc茅ntranse este martes en Madrid contra o peche das f谩bricas #gconfidencial #galiza

[INTERNACIONAL] Caetano Veloso veste rosa para p么r ao nu o machismo de Bolsonaro #SermosGaliza #galiza

-lol lol lol
-What are you laughing at?
-I am not laughing, those are TIE fighters
-Hey, don't be sad!
-I am not sad, it's an X-wing to bring you down. Fuck the empire!!
-Rebel Scum!!
->o< >o< >o< >o< >o< >o< >o<
-lol lol lol {-o-} lol lol lol

Good morning :tootplanet: and tootfriends!

May you find inspiration today. 鉁

Este nodo depende econ贸micamente de las donaciones desinteresadas de sus usuarios para subsistir.

Si cada uno de ellos donase 12 c茅ntimos al mes estar铆a asegurada la continuidad indefinida de este servicio.

Por favor, considera apoyar la continuidad de tu nodo haciendo una donaci贸n a trav茅s de las siguientes plataformas:

- LiberaPay:
- PayPal (no recomendada):
Me mudo al #Mastodon de La Ingobernable Seguirme para ayudarnos a testear la federaci贸n.
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