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.Dato: ..semella que perdeu 15 mill. de usadas o ano pasado SÓ EN EEUU de américa.

...aparentemente foron todos para 😂 (esto é cousa miña)

"Going contactless is gloriously convenient – for all the wrong people.

The dash from cash doesn’t just contribute to social exclusion, it plays into the hands of unaccountable corporations"

vía @garryknight at *

I've my contactless payment card broken (not intentional) for more than a year w/o asking for replacement bc all this "convenience"

Robótica y FPGAs libres con Julian Caro Linares

En el capítulo del podcast sobre Arduino hablo con Julián Caro Linares sobre robótica y FPGAs libres. Actualidad relacionada con este sector.

few days ago I published this

checking now if the weekly timer was working as expected... it was not! :blobthinkingcool:

didn't give any (further) clue about whats going on wrong. The two crypted partitions were not trimmed. The non-crypted was.

:blobfacepalm: :blobfacepalm: :blobfacepalm: :blobfacepalm: :blobfacepalm:

... I'd forgotten intall and write GRUB config after passing the discard to LVM config. Kill me truck!

OMG for some reasons it worked! 😁
My whatsapp strike was obviously discovered, but then my gf accepted (even if not fully convinced) to use xmpp to chat with me!
It's a very great step for me, i hope someone other of my family and friends will join me here...but for now i'm super happy! 😁

"una temporada de mierda!!"... esto mejora por momentos :blobfacepalm: 😂

😂los mensajes de @nixromina están saliendo con forceps del servidor .... y, fuera de contexto y a cuenta gotas, parece un bot.

Recordemos que ha encontrado nuevo hogar en @nixromina

PT only 

😂 muy todo esto del fútbol ⚽ en esta mañana.

Me alegro de que haya sido el , gente con buen gusto por el fútbol. Se les debe mucho.

Se termina el de los 1000 días.

On a recommendation from @utzer, this is a #newhere post with some hashtags of things I care about: #dev #linux #decentralization #yoga #meditation #cycling #running #education #nz #microsolidarity and #enspiral That's a pretty good start 😉


Por esto buenos palos le han dado a @dansup

Que por qué tienes tu que mirar mi etiquetas? que si la base de datos a quién se la vas a vender? habrá etiquetas patrocinadas?

Outra coisa que eu queria opinião de vocês também é sobre a plataforma que eu deveria publicar meus textos.

Eu ainda não sei ao certo se deveria ficar com o plume ou com o Vocês que leem minhas coisas, o que preferem?

... (GNU/Linux!!!!) 😘 :linux:

entre ffmpeg y convert te arreglan el día en un plisplás :blobcheer:

Sol Nascente is a regenerative initiative that longs to #reforest the north of #Portugal and #Spain by proving that a forest can be ecologically sound as well as wildly productive.

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