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馃幍 馃幐 Ciudad Perdida, de La Revoluci贸n de Emiliano Zapata.

en bucle.

se cres que traducir software 茅 aburrido deber铆as probar a REVISAR as traduci贸ns.

Esto non est谩 pagado.

Microsoft contractors are listening to some Skype calls. In other news, people still use Skype for some unfathomable reason.

Compartimos una recopilaci贸n de programas y sitios, creados y mantenidos por la comunidad, para organizarnos con y proteger nuestra comunicaci贸n |

Since I deleted Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, and stop using twitter.

I know who is my real friends..

it's very interesting results.. you should try it see what happened..

#deletefacebook #deleteinstagram #deletewhatsapp #fuckfacebook #deletegmail

馃挃 doing August Cleanup (whatever) on my following list, just people from dead instances 馃槈

...and some bots.

Not so many people from my list is actually active (at least from the info that is shown on the page)

馃挃 Quitando alg煤ns bots da lista das persoas que me siguen/sigo as铆 como contas de servidores mortos, como estrelas xa longo tempo esgotadas nun en expansi贸n (ains!)

Na p谩xina vese a 煤ltima conexi贸n e os toots que fixeron, e vexo que son sempre os/as mesmas quen publican

NOVA INSTANCIA 馃崓馃崓 馃毚馃弰馃懀馃弮馃毜馃強

Grazas 馃槈馃憤 @david_ross @david


unha medida simple para evitar ser seguida por bots e spammers 茅 marcar a opci贸n de validar manualmente quen te pode seguir.

You may want to check/mark manually approve followers on your settings page to avoid being followed by bots/spammers.

Shouldn't it be 鉁 by default @Gargron ? thank you

rese帽a dun libro:

"Ciencia ficci贸n hard que te deja buen sabor de boca. Muy recomendable."

馃 Onde estar谩 a li帽a entre Ciencia-Ficci贸n-Hard e Fantas铆a?

on the other hand... after THREE long days of a brand new install I've no package to update. Feel weird 馃

I've even checked if I had some system misconfiguration 馃槄

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system update: JUST 1,9mb (2 packages) 馃 馃 馃

WTF is people doing? Resting? 馃ぎ

馃槈 馃槝

Que y no sean dice mucho sobre el 馃槑 (sin ofender)

馃彇锔 馃嵐

Tampoco he mirado en :twitter: pero la primera vez que escuch茅 la campa帽a publicitaria ya fu铆 a mirar si era "original" o un "refurbished" 馃槀

La orquestaci贸n (o arreglos) es GENIAL, con la trompeta subrayando de alg煤n modo la letra.

Here is a comic panel colored from the future Pepper&Carrot episode 30. It will take more time than I expected to finish this episode but I'll keep my focus on delivering the quality I have in mind. Thank you all for your patronage and patience. 鉂わ笍
#webcomic #peppercarrot #krita

I was to try this :mastodon: thing of creating Invite Links and share it on :twitter:, to make some y'know

... I'd forgotten that I've not a :twitter: account tho 馃槄

does anyone have stories of successful (or what you learned from unsuccessful) civil disobedience to create safer bike/pedestrian routes? Unauthorized painting, human chains, etc... We're brainstorming. #bike #velopunk #bikeshop #cycling

Just signed up for the premium account of @Tutanota used custom domain very easy to setup downloaded the app on fdroid not a glitch. 12鈧 per year! That's not nothing that's a cheap price for privacy.


o de nextcloud foi fallo meu por engadir unha ppa antes de tempo (as usual 馃槑 )

xa de paso criei unha nova chave 馃攽 ssh e subina a :gitlab: para poder fedellar no blog desde aqu铆

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:kde: 鉁 (almost, you are never done 馃槢 )
馃敀 GPG: 鉁
:firefox: settings, extensions and bookmarks 鉁
鈽侊笍 Nextcloud: 鉂 (unresolved dependencies, owcloud version conflict with server)
password-store 鉁
gocryptfs 鉁

...por hoxe xa vale.

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