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we have *now* (v 0.3.0) two themes:

default-light and default-dark

I did not know they were available



I don't really understand what "reverse mode" means on a file level encryption system. We can read on wiki:

"The reverse mode of gocryptfs is particularly USEFUL for creating encrypted backups, since it requires virtually no extra storage capacity on the machine to back up. "

HOW "no extra storage"?
:blobcatpeek: I guess it's mounting that crypted file system on a remote storage via ssh/ftp/davs/usb/whatever

The spy in your wallet: Credit cards have a privacy problem

Credit cards are affinity cards on steroids.

Have you agreed your bank/credit card provider shares YOUR PROFILE data to get "customized offers from selected partners"?

thank you <3 @disroot

I've made my tiny donation to @disroot

Remind yourself to contribute to your project(s) development of choice. People needs to pay bills y'know


"Walmart to no longer sell certain ammunition, NRA says action won't 'make us any safer' "

📚 Hoxe volta "Página Dos" a La2 de TVE

Es bien.

hoxe vin pasar dúas nenas (non máis de 15) disfrazadas de instagramers. Pode que simplemente fosen a moda, con zapatillas, medias brancas a media canela, pantalón curto e camisola da misma marca, por casualidade. Pero eu pensei, "vaite! xa lle comeu o miolo a influencer de turno", pois nunha aldea como a miña non é o look habitual. Para o entroido aínda quedan uns meses.

Deume máis ben pena.

@izaro Esto lo solucione instalandoselos yo. Porque vamos, el #Whatsapp ya viene instalado o le pidieron a otro que se los pusiera.
Cuando ven que pueden seguir mandando sus fotitos y mensajitos instantaneos sin problemas se olvidan de que no tienes Whatsapp y lo mar de contentas.
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