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Jesus Christ. I just saw an ad for MyLife, which is a "social reputation score" website, where an attractive woman sits on her couch and explains that "I look at everybody's scores - neighbors, service providers, even so-called friends" as though this is not so absurdly dystopian that entire novels have been written about how bad an idea it is.

What the FUCK is wrong with people.

Debería aparecer na próxima actualización como:

- Quitarlle a marca de "novidade" a todo

Por favor, confirme que quere quitar marca de "novidade" a todos os episodios.

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tampouco ven a conto, pero está unha tarde de inverno de carallo.

Si os gusta la lluvia, y "que bonito Compostela(?) cuando llueve" y todo eso... HOY ES EL DÍA AMIGOS!!! 🌧️ 🌧️ 🌧️ 🌧️ 🌧️ 🌧️

Saímos da casa dicindo que imos correr ao monte, en realidade... 😂

half way in a trailrunning event this weekend we had ... MUSIC ... so some of us ... DANCE. That's the way!

Trailrunning is joy and effort in the nature.


so here I'm scrolling down on my 🏠 :mastodon: TL chilling, reading what you've being doing all sunday.

& waiting to watch later 🇺🇲 🏁 in

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📚 "Tau Zero", Poul Anderson.


[GL] in galician, but just take it as a book 😉

I'm legs up on the sofa, half "dead" still 😝 after a local race this morning (5h +1800m) Quite cold, rained a lot and wind we could not ask for more 😂

Na feira de #Monterroso #Galiza 2019, dúas rapazas bicándose fronte ao tenderete de #Vox.

Aplauso e bico para elas 👏 😘

Crédito: sacada dunha rede social privativa, vin a foto no traballo e paréceme que merecei ser traída ao #fediverse

@priryo @RunningInCircles @xosem
I feel a bug report coming...
Playing uploaded OGG or MP3 files don't work for me via the Mastodon Web UI.

Sorry for the delete & redrafts.

@xosem @fitheach
Oooh, the decision between waiting for an iso image to download via dialup vs how long it would take to come through the post 😀
Family not being able to call the house because the phone line was always engaged, vast phone bills.

L'exposition en photo et modes photos

Comment gérer la lumière ? (maj et correction)

onte viñeronme como media dúcia de veces co carallo de "truco o trato". Non matei a ninguén. Un éxito.

¿ResucitamOS a los MuertOS?¿KDE Plasma #Linux Party? …

* ¿cuándo ?: el Sábado 1 de Noviembre.
* ¿a qué hora?: a las 19h.
* ¿dónde?: en la c/Gobernador 39

¡ No olvides traer tu computadora !¡Te esperamos!

#Install #Party

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