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20! #Google is 20 years old! Seems like forever.

Seemed like a cool child! With some good new ideas, rather nice and helpful...

Turned into a problematic teen developing disrespect for people around, caring only about itself, exploiting and manipulating when it had a chance...

No doubt anymore: now as an adult, Google grew into a total *asshole*, arrogant lying capitalist jerk, with mind of an emperor, whose wealth depends on massively violating people's intimacy and space.


El cigarro, el azucar, el alcohol y el caf茅 tambi茅n son drogas, y son legales, gracias al lobby de las grandes empresas del capital.

#drogas #legales #lobby #capital #empresarios #barrigones #polic铆a #represi贸n

Maybe de newcomers don't know I made a Mastodon art gallery called #Artodon

Anytime you make an art piece and you tag it with #mastoart it appears there!!


@xosem En mi curro, por ley de protecci贸n de datos, no se puede llevar ning煤n dispositivo m贸vil. Claro est谩 que todo Dios se lo pasa por el forro, inclu铆dos mandos intermedios, y yo ya estoy harto de tener que currar el doble por la gentuza que no para con el pu帽etero m贸vil. Ya propuse, ley en mano, que nadie lo utilizara dentro del recinto, pero me miraron raro y dijeron 'es dificil', ah铆 qued贸. @victorhck @fanta

@funkwhale I'm pleased to announce that #Funkwhale 0.17 is feature-complete and stable enough to enter the testing phase.

If you want help with that, and use the project or own an instance, have a look at the article from the previous toot ( to get started!

Happy testing!

how to connect your Hubzilla account to GnuSocial for automatically crossposting 

Firefox Focus is migrating from the built-in Android WebView to GeckoView. Very cool!

traer de volta as iconas na bandexa do sistema 

chrome://flags/#account-consistency 鉃★笍 DISABLED

eu utilizo , pero a sincronizaci贸n util铆zase do mesmo xeito

bc of this 鉃★笍 via @yogthos

Deben ser divertidos os comentarios a este artigo

oil is 'pure poison', says Harvard professor

m谩goa non ter acceso a eles (ou non velos).

...a pedrada que levan as veci帽as xaponesas na mastodon non 茅 menor.

Non digo nada! que cada un temos a nosa! pero imaxino que deben ter o disco duro(?) a tope de imaxes de estas que andan por aqu铆. Non digo que sexa ilegal/amoral, digo que me parece obsesivo e si hai tantas 茅 porque se consumen.

Blessed is the man, who having nothing to say, abstains from giving wordy evidence of the fact. - George Eliot #famous #quotes

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