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@blakehaswell One factor to consider is that if the Australian law is considered to be "successful" then similar laws will be passed elsewhere.

Some possible tactics:

- Ensure that any backdoors which the government adds are discovered and publicized
- Work towards reproducible builds
- Encourage everyone not to trust proprietary chat apps. Assume that such apps are already backdoored
- Devise and deploy systems for monitoring the relevant open source projects. For example, a system which monitors open source chat apps and lists changes to cryptography related sections. Make code review of sensitive files trivial
- The government won't follow its own laws, and will use apps which are not backdoored. Use FOIA or anything similar to check what apps are used/purchased by officials and point out the hypocrisy
- Run cryptography workshops for your people. Make cryptography cool. Make it fashionable. Make songs and art about it. The government will prefer that people are uneducated on the topic
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...eso que PERDES un día, literalmente, "flasheando" no móbil padiante e patrás, e éntranche gañas de mercar un i- :apple_inc: de esos de 1000€ e mandar todo a 💩 . Ou invadir Polonia 🇵🇱 . Whatever.

E aínda así non sei si erá de esta :blobfacepalm:

vexo no TL federado que ainda queda algun usuario do éxodo da tuita de hai un par de meses. Bonito, né? 🙈😉

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@spla a hi ha unes publicacions de fa 4hores. Això no ho fa el pont.

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This place feels definitively different, but altogether much better than tumblr
However, I haven't been here all that long, so who knows if that'll change

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me manchei toda de azul já posso fazer cosplay de smurf

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📄 ¿Cómo y cuándo utilizar el formulario para evitar que los partidos políticos nos espien en Internet ?

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Maurico Solanes. La voz de los de abajo, los oprimidos.

Las noches de Ortega.


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Hi I'm Mike. I've been around the Fediverse for a while. I created the Friendica, RedMatrix, Hubzilla, Osada, and Zap projects. I developed the DFRN, Zot/Zot6 and OWA protocols.

My software does some pretty cool stuff, but I'm not out to win any popularity contests and world domination isn't my thing. I played a non-trivial role in creating the modern internet and now I'm investing my time and energy creating ethical alternative services to bring back a real sense of privacy and self-determination.

I have a modest farm in Bugger All, Australia and raise cows, horses, and chooks. I drink kickass #homebrew and play a mean #guitar.

Have a great day.
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hey everyone, I'm brand new to mastodon so I figured I should introduce myself in my first post! I'm an animation student from southern California, and I mainly create animation and illustration. I also enjoy cosplay and a bunch of other nerdy shit.

I'm mainly going to use this account to post my art and news/info about the animation industry, so give me a follow if you're interested!

links to my website and other social media in my bio

tired: the F*** "Imp Pt" key is JUST above "Back" key on my keyboard.
So often when I try to edit my writting I take a screenshot.

ToDo: write a cron job to delete them all every week or so. :blobfacepalm:

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I should likely introduce myself, even if my profile isn't even done!
I'm Fia Lagerdahl and I'm a freelance photographer, self taught and in the process of dusting off my abilities after a long hiatus. My main focus is nature photography but I do branch out for practice.

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I'm happy that @Gargron is always quick to recommend @pinafore to folks who prefer single-column layouts. I see Pinafore less as a competitor and more as a statement about how it's *possible* to build alternative Mastodon UIs (thanks to Eugen's good API design). #Halcyon and #Brutaldon are also great examples of this.

The Mastodon frontend doesn't have to be all things to all people. We have a wide choice of mobile apps; it should be the same for the web.

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I didn't repeat it enough times:

I made a small #artodon upgrade to make remote follows work as they should. Now you can discover new artists easily and follow them from Artodon.

Visit the live version at:

Or maybe host yours? It's just a static website!

Remember you can drop me some coins at
if you like my work there.

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