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"One Weird Trick To Getting Universal Healthcare That American Insurance Companies Don't Want You To Know" mstdn.io/media/jzrw8EMM1aGHJVe

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anyone have tips on how to stream audio from my audio card over local network to my team? want to stream any streaming service (spotify, apple music) over local network to my teammates, and vice-versa.

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thanks gdpr for the auto-unsubscribe to everything

"Cyber Gender Gaps

Metric depiction of the gender gaps in the cyber industry."

What is the cyber industry?

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Right to repair for me is like the right to remain silent

Should I? Yeah when appropriate.

Can I?

... No.

The memo from the consulate that I received today definitely did not say anything about legitimate brain injuries

TheHill is saying the employee suffered brain injury:

"The State Department on Wednesday notified U.S. citizens in China that a government employee suffered a mild brain injury after experiencing abnormal sound and pressure."

"The individual was diagnosed with a mild traumatic brain injury last week."


Correction: govt employees (embassy staff, diplomats)

Seems other embassy workers in other communist countries have been attacked with sound before too mstdn.io/media/e0ZdUVK418DPYvr

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holy crap

Behold the Arctopus had an EP in 2016 :0

first day using waterfox is a noticeable difference. add-ons are quite limited though.

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I love that Psy is out there mashing up his own songs for fun.


steve aoki looks like master splinter from the first ninja turtle movie now