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Me entering a conversation for which I was not remotely prepared

It’s 2am and I just watched 65 different video clips of a calligraphy master writing the same 2 characters over and over again.

Anyone have well seeded torrents or magnets for full metal alchemist (original and brotherhood)? I have a long flight coming up. Everything on nyaa is under-seeded unfortunately. Thanks!

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Wish George Carlin was still alive. I could really use his reality-check style of humor to cope with the current state of affairs in America.


I get all my tech news and advice from

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I just want to say

I spent a long time thinking yoga was pretty difficult and not really for me because I am nearly 200cm tall and not skinny by any means.

Then I tried Iyengar yoga on a rope wall. That is some Batman shit right there. When your center of gravity changes hard things with floor yoga become easy and vice versa. Totally different and actually makes me feel much more positive about my yoga experiences.

Vertical yoga done hanging off a wall isn’t for everyone though.

"a child of poverty in the 1930s, a college student in the 1940s, a Mad Man in the 1950s, a counterculture sorcerer in the 1960s, a personal brand in the 1970s, and a nouveau riche mascot in the 1980s."

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Hackers need to step up their game and delete everyones loans, bad credit and mortgages. #Showerthoughts

2019 goal (1 of many): start and operate Kpop blog focusing on fashion, choreo, art direction, music production, marketing, management, etc - the business of Kpop.

Convenience stores are a way of life

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My youngest is learning to read, but not very confident in his abilities. So I told him: "You're a very good reader!"

His retort: "Well, who am I better than then?!?"

My wife has told me that "The President" was not an age appropriate answer.

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Bill and Ted's Excellent Marriage That is So Long Lasting That They Die Holding Hands Like in the Notebook

宿菲菲, supposed head of 3DM

A lot of speculation about her but no facts. Then BD Wong from Law and Order just turned her into some kind of fugitive who used being trans to hide in plain sight. That’s mental but great fiction.

That’s great fiction writing. The bent one tiny fact into a whole thing: one cracking group here is supposedly lead by a woman who no one has ever met, seen or talked to

I like the portrayal of Chinese hackers in Mr Robot. Shadowy trans hackers who never go outside and speak entirely in Cantonese and Wenzhounese.

Man there is still not a pixelfed app huh

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