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DICK PUNKS is such a great band name, then you find out it's these guys

what the hell

"is it time for my speech? get me a glass of sand!"

Megan Mullally Hijacks A Stranger’s Tinder | Vanity Fair


I can taste very subtle ingredients but never really realized it until as an adult I had the food vocabulary to talk about it

So it turns out I am a super taster

Dinner tonight:


I guess I should call this street art tbh

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I sat in a thermal pool for 1 hour surrounded by fat old Russians today. I just stared at the ornate, old tiles on the ceiling and floated. Cross that off my bucket list.

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As you can see, the Wells Fargo building is draining the life essences of other, lesser structures,

It’s 2:30am in Budapest. Can’t sleep. I thought this city was supposed to be nuts. It’s so quiet where I am.

Gotta have a face routine people

I clean my face like a Korean woman

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Guy next to me looks like John Wayne Gacy is his style icon

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