here's a little Steve Jobs trick to help you see through the Apple BS of every keynote they've ever done:

Every single VP will get out there an aspect of the item and reiterate at least three times that it is either:

- beautiful
- wonderful
- magical
- the best we've ever done/made

The first two are subjective; the third is nonsense and the fourth should make you smack your head and say "no shit" because what were they going to do, go backwards?

note: it'll be some variation on these, but it never strays.

other examples:

"the largest we've ever made"

and it always starts and ends with this "i'm just a local guy" inflection and diction that makes it feel like they're trying to show you something at a local PTA meeting

Opening: "I'd just love to show it to you."

Closing "and we really think you're going to love this."

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