FOSS is free as in toilet

Excellent statement, absolutely true

@lanodan Calm down

PS: Believe it or not searching “FOSS toilet” yields literally 1 result. Surprisingly not a hot topic yet.

@xxbc I’m chill you know, and I read the article, it’s more like FOSS is basically about crediting and sharing.
You shared without crediting.

@xxbc Do you think there is a solution to everyone wanting free beer or is it always going to be this way?

Mayhaps blockchain


I agree with everything except the paid bit. I don't object to people being paid to work on floss/toilets while in this capitalist system. But its far from my ideal. That we all care for cleaning the toilet and respect the work that gets done for getting it clean.

@webmind I think you are taking his metaphor a little too seriously

@webmind sorry, meant literally there, not seriously. Late here. He doesn’t intend for ppl to literally get paid for FOSS, just using it as an example for story sake.

@xxbc Source:


« Nobody believes that a free toilet will be magically cleaned up and maintained, somebody has to do it, and that person would better get paid for it. Sharing a toilet means that you flush, clean up after yourself, and always leave some paper, it’s basic manners. » [cont/1]

@xxbc [cont/2] « And yet, like toilets, as FOSS gets used by more and more people, it gets more likely that you will see obnoxious people that shit all over your commons and then complain about it. And nobody will want to take care of it.

Treating correctly the people who work on the software you use is just basic FOSS hygiene. »

@xxbc I mean, certainly there are better similes. Like "free software is free as in park"

@tomas yeah but making it about a toilet let’s him swear in the post and that makes it edgy

@tomas also what up Umea! My fav place in Sweden believe it or not.

@xxbc Winter is coming.. 🎅
Lots of happenings lately, like cryptoparty at the anarchist book fair the other weekend, and the pipes in the hackerspace almost breaking

@tomas @xxbc park, as in the verb "to park?" Or as in the noun, "a park?"

I cannot think of a metaphor for either which is not equally disgusting - while being 'not even wrong.'

Noun case: no, free software is not an unsafe place you want to avoid because of the types of people you run into there - or the high chance of being mugged.

Verb case: No, it's not like being screwed.

I also realize you said simile, but that's not the same as a metaphor, and this is a metaphor.

[email protected] Hmm, that's not really my experiences of parks. You can substitute with any kind of commons people know have to be maintained. But maybe likening software development to waste management isn't so bad, they're both very unpleasant when it doesn't work..!
Also, probably the third time I ran across another scener on here :]

@tomas European parks vs US parks: HUGE difference.

That said: I was really taken with how apt the metaphor was.

-- also: I'm actually using Halcy's mastadon instance, and ... yeah, there are fewer than other places. Also: didn't recognize you (: Hi (:

@truck I had a feeling it had to do with the US :)
Smaller instances tend to be comfier. A bit like smaller demoparties come to think of it.

@Truck @tomas bringing people together over toilet metaphors is what federation is all about

@xxbc @tomas

Yeah, that's like the selling point for politicians. Let's not make selling points and just do cool shit.

@jeremiah In the above author’s point, the commons is and should be regulated — that’s the “hygiene” he is referencing. Hardin was also describing *unregulated* commons, though it’s not in the title of the piece, and meaning it metaphorically.

Requesting a feature in FOSS
of course replace cash for gratitude and a sense of prestige

@xxbc as someone new to contributing heavily to a non-niche open source project (#diaspora) I can't tell you how much this resonates.

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