when i watched "himouto! umaru chan / 干物妹!うまるちゃん" i suddenly felt that strange feeling about finally finding my another spirit anime character. umaru doma is literally me (though i maybe don't have that good looks and talents lmao).

well the reason i'm watching guardians of the galaxy is not because of the hot star lord but it's because of groot. he's my spirit creature.

i still can't decide between fast furious 8 and guardians of the galaxy vol 2. dominic toretto or star lord?

"i'm 20 and have already given up on my nonexistent life" might be the new thing for my bio.

hello everyone, i've finally come back after 10 days of hiatus from mastodon! it feels reaaaally good that my life problems are now all solved, so i can hang around with you guys again :3 well, could anyone tell me what happened during my leave? last time i was here, pineapple is still a thing and the japanese (who are really, really nice!) was just arrived in the fediverse.

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@y thank you for the kind words. You're always so nice to everyone on here, I always see you saying nice things to people and helping out whenever you can. I feel the same way about mastodon, it's really cool to actually interact with real people and it's just a cool environment. Best of luck to you in your life and have a great day!

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I think Japanese prohibition is like declaring Mastodon to be short lived.

to japanese users: if you guys were saying sorry because you think people will be bothered by your japanese toots, no need to be sorry! you can comfortably use your own language, i sometimes use my own language too. most people are totally cool with it, for real.

there are a lot of japanese people in my instance i suddenly feel so kawaii like a senpai. (wow it rhymes!)

when i was on my way to work this morning, a group of kindergarten kids (whom i don't know who they are) cheerfully waved and shouted at me, "have a nice daaay!"

that was so random, but they sure know how to make someone's day brighter (i can't even stop smiling right now). this reminds me of an anonymous quote: 'every little actions that you do will affect other people's life'.

i'm sorry sm but this remix of exo's monster is better than the original tbh. youtu.be/ZaFdDnxeXoo ( genre: )

i'm a really nice person. i'm literally greeting everyone in my instance and reacting to the toots in my federated timeline. but if i block you, it means that you have tooted something beyond stupid or your behavior is completely trash. sorry not sorry.

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@condor @y sorry nyamber. Tapi sah-sah aja kalo dia mau serius di sini. kamu pun ga bsa ngatur. lagian mention kaya gitu malah bkin risih. org luar beda budaya sama kamu, joke nya jangan disamain.

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My Mastodon app "11t" is out of beta!

For Android, you can find the app here:

For iOS, the app is in review and will be released after Apple has reviewed it.

#11t #mastodev #outofbeta #havefun

in relation to my toot questioning about UI & UX, i'm reading my notification tab as if i was reading a lecture's note. though i still am an IT muggle, i'm glad i could understand a thing now. thank you very much to people who have become my 'lecturer': 

jude, aurélian, abu godot, gargoylezoo, épipole, tijl vdb, cybremancer, gredo, andrei, nentuaby, linguangst, julian, wire, and kalvn! i couldn't mention you guys one by one and say thanks, but you guys are awesome! literally. :3

i'm an IT muggle, so can anyone explain the differences between UI and UX? or are they the same? 

first case: i like an app because it's easy to use but the appearance doesn't really attractive imo. in other case, i like an app because of its appearance but it's really complicated to use. what can be improved in each case? the UI or UX?

i've googled this but i can't seem to find an answer that makes me understand tbh (as none of the results explain it with non technical explanation smh).

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my 500th toot is dedicated to the mastodon's godfather: @Gargron, my instance's master: @angristan, the other instances' admin, and all mastodon people out there. you guys are incredible! thank you for making this thing alive. *sends flying kisses to the fluffy elephant.*

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