to japanese users: if you guys were saying sorry because you think people will be bothered by your japanese toots, no need to be sorry! you can comfortably use your own language, i sometimes use my own language too. most people are totally cool with it, for real.

@y why are they all saying sorry :disappointed_relieved:

@angristan i don't either know. we didn't even complain :sweat:

@y And if someone *is* irritated... why would that be your problem anyhow?

@Snip if someone feels like that, it's none of my problem. they can be annoyed and i won't even care.

@y where does the japanese crowd hang out? ζ—₯ζœ¬δΊΊγ‚γ©γ“γ§γ™γ‹οΌŸ

@sir there are some in my instance, and some can also be spotted on the federated timeline. have you found them?

@y whoops, left the IME on. I meant to say "aye" :)

@sir lmao that's fine! i was just going to google translate that but i find your next reply so yeah. xD

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