@[email protected] i'm using joox, and imo using those kind of services is beneficial in the way that it doesn't consume a lot of space (my sdcard was filled with more songs rather than the other things before).

@atomjack this is hilarious, do you mind telling me the title/creator of this comicstrip?

when i watched "himouto! umaru chan / 干物妹!うまるけゃん" i suddenly felt that strange feeling about finally finding my another spirit anime character. umaru doma is literally me (though i maybe don't have that good looks and talents lmao).

@chrisBorg is there any reason why this boss that you talked about actively discourages the department members to learn new skills?

@sprklng i wish i could do that. i wish i could even build a new agency for them, sm always treats f(x) in a shitty way idk why.

@tsurai oops i'm sorry, i thought you were japanese. xD well that's interesting, the national workers day here (in indonesia) is also next week!

@mayuutann i like how you're tooting in both english and japanese. it's like you really put some effort to reach bigger audiences! :) keep it up, don't worry about making grammatical mistakes. your english is good anyway.

@sprklng they have been kept in sm's dungeon for so long. petition for sm to release f(x)'s comeback announcement tbh.

@danyork it's evening here, but good morning to you! today's the first day i start working out again (i remember that the last time i exercised was 4 years ago) and now i'm resting due to the stiff and sore that i feel. it's a bad monday for me x(

@tsurai wow, it's the same in my country! what holiday is it in japan?

@dragonluvr89 i love their loud snores when they sleep lol. plus their big, round eyes tbh.

@jejomarcariaga yeah, imo you don't have to start from the first episode of the return of superman but it's the matter of preferences anyway. well, i collect all of the running man's episodes and it consumes approximately 50gb lmao xD glad that i always watch k-dramas online.

well the reason i'm watching guardians of the galaxy is not because of the hot star lord but it's because of groot. he's my spirit creature.

i still can't decide between fast furious 8 and guardians of the galaxy vol 2. dominic toretto or star lord?

"i'm 20 and have already given up on my nonexistent life" might be the new thing for my bio.

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