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i'm an IT muggle, so can anyone explain the differences between UI and UX? or are they the same? 

i gotta go on a diet. i have to, i think.

my 500th toot is dedicated to the mastodon's godfather: @Gargron, my instance's master: @angristan, the other instances' admin, and all mastodon people out there. you guys are incredible! thank you for making this thing alive. *sends flying kisses to the fluffy elephant.*

my mastodon's routine:
1) open the notication tab
2) reply to all new mentions, sometimes only boost/fav those when i couldn't think of any reply
3) open the local timeline
4) welcome new users, react to people's toots (reply, boost, fav)
5) open the federation timeline
6) do number 4
7) do everything all over again from number 1-6
8) (optional) toot something that comes accross my mind

there are a lot of cat pictures today, thank you people for blessing my timeline (and literally my life). keep this going on, i love y'all. :3

is there someone who lives in new york? i want an update for the current advertising displayed on the times square's billboard (especially the reuters billboard). please tell me if you happen to know what is currently being displayed, a picture proof is much appreciated. thank you.

now im just bitter, tired, apathetic, and i dont give a shit about anything

@y Yeah. As I said, I know the guy who runs that instance and I know he has a reason to implement a free-for-all policy on his instance, and I respect his decision.

Even if I don't agree some of the people he's hosting for obvious reasons, I think it's still the responsibility of ourselves to control what we see/don't want to see.

@y (full disclosure: I am good friends with the owner of Whilst I don't agree with most of the people on their instance stands for, he's actually the one that's helped me the most with getting to know how the #fediverse works and we put politics behind us)

i see a lot of fans here, but i can't seem to find my fellow fans. where are you guys hiding? haven't you reached fediverse yet? if you have, please give me a signal. sincerely, a lonely exo-l.

@y we have great folks like you and the coolest admin around! dragging you into the conversation as well, @angristan :joy:

i accidentally deleted my own toot smh dumb thumb.

" is my home now" awww @ gerald, that's so sweet. ( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)

i had a dream about me knowing when i'm going to die: i have only one day remaining.

in the dream, i spend several hours crying, regretting every bad things that i've done. but then, i'm living my remaining hours to the fullestβ€” i hang out with my mom, meet my fam and my bestfriends. my parents cry and hug me really tight in my last hour, they don't want to be left behind.

the morning i woke up, i woke up in sweat and tears. it was just saddening, giving me a huge fear of death.

if people meet and fall in love on mastodon tonight i would like to be invited to the wedding thank you

watch this video until the end and tell me what you're thinking. for me it's strangely comforting lmao.

happy 5th anniversary, #EXO. (i'm using CW because you muggles won't understand this at all lmao.) 

how to greet new people without flooding the timeline tbh. instance master, forgive my sins ( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)

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