Today I realized the absurd amount of time and memory wasted on Anfora for just using python. There's like too many objects at the same time doing different things and OMG every time I think about it my mind blows. My next project is using elixir or rust. Don't get my wrong, python is <3 but it's something from this world and has it's limits

@yabirgb I'd be doing it with Go or Rust right from the start, or at least bind Python with C or another language for the image processing or stuff like that...

@captainepoch I used python because last year I didn't know rust nor elixir so the process will be slow (more than now). At the moment I fear nothing. Tbh I've learned a lot and I'm happy about this. There isn't much image processing atm but If I have to build something for this I would do it with rust

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