Check out @JoshConstine’s Tweet:

Instagram confirms to TechCrunch that it's prototyped this redesign that hides Like counters to "reduce pressure on Instagram"

some experiments back on corpsocnets:
- twitter putting rt counts behind the tap
- instagram hiding like counters to everyone except the op

seems a little inspired, no? :thaenkin:

personal musing about old social media presence 

sometimes i wonder if the networks i left can ever be truly redeemed...

like, i have no interest in ever signing up for facebook because it serves no value to me. and i'm gonna delete snapchat because my friend list there is largely dead. those clearly have no utility.

but with twitter/instagram it's a little different? idk.

personal musing about old social media presence /2 

twitter is toxic and that's why i gave up on it, i'm almost certain they will never get better. i still have an account privated to 30 people and with retweets turned off and i drop in maybe once a month. that's the extent of my engagement with twitter.

instagram, eh, it still has utility (though questionable). the biggest problem is the algorithmic timeline and the general spamminess there. randos engaging/tagging for attention, not genuineness

personal musing about old social media presence /3 

but i'd be lying if i said that i never wanted to go back. i mean, i wouldn't do it, obviously. but in some hypothetical future where those two went back to being "good"? i'd be conflicted. "luckily" it'll never happen because of the profit motive.

i still wonder what if, though -- especially with instagram. what if IG made the TL chronological again? what if they started really living up to the "insta" in their name again? would i rejoin? idk

personal musing about old social media presence /4 

at that point i'd have to say that the only real "issue" with it would be almost purely ideological. stuff like, "i wouldn't want facebook to have my info, and fb owns insta". or, "i don't want to support centralized networks and would rather build federated/interoperable alternatives". or, "i don't want to see ads at all" (that last one's still a little utilitarian).

but would that get me to rejoin? it becomes more uncomfortable a question.

personal musing about old social media presence /5 

i guess part of my dedication to building better alternatives stems partially from this -- i want to genuinely use something better and to leave the inferior offerings of the past in the dust, but also, that's not really 100% true, those offerings were actually *better* in the past!

so there's a sort of nostalgia effect. i can't criticize the past as heavily because my criticism is aimed more squarely at their present/future forms.

personal musing about old social media presence /6 

and there's a little bit of fear motivating me, too. if the inferior offerings of the past are actually the inferior offerings of the present/future, then how can i help build things that are better than even that halcyon past?

it's easy to compete with the twitter/instagram of today. it's harder to compete with the twitter/instagram of 6 or 7 years ago

maybe it's the depression, but i feel like i was happier back then, that things were simpler

personal musing about old social media presence /7 

it certainly feels like i was more "social" back then too. and that's *really* what i want to have back in my life. it's not so much about the platform or technology, it's about the people.

and that's why i want everything to be interoperable. because i want us to be free of network effects. i don't want anyone to have to seriously consider which network they feel like they "have" to use. i don't want people to lose contact with their friends.

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