The skills to not code anything on weekends! I would like this superpower

Today my little sis has gifted this to me. I lost mine at the end of the last year so is a win win situation

Yesterday I had this numbers. It was the most satisfying moment in all the day

Wow, new Github Dashboard beta is just great! It uses better the space and is useful

I've seen this and I'm sad that this needs to be written up


some people think that If the last commit wasn't from yesterday the project is dead.

Haciendo las demostraciones de geometría cuando de repente aparece... triángulo con 20 millones de lineas

Wow didn't know that tusky has the possibility to add a shortcut to the status bar that opens the composer instantly. (I'm running Android 8.1)

Talking about paintings this is also one of my favorites. It scares me and surprises me in same proportions. By Francisco de Goya "Saturno devorando a sus hijos" during his dark ages

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