@nipos [2/2] Yo soy el administrador. Me llamo Niklas, soy de Alemania, trabajo en Edeka (un supermercado) y hago esto como hobby entre otros proyectos. También busco moderadores que quieran ayudarme preferiblemente gente cuyo idioma sea el español). Escribeme si quieres ayudar. Algunas características de nuestros servidores son: HP ProLiant DL380 G6 con 32 GB de memoria, 2 Quad Core Intel Xenon a 2,8 GHz y cuatro discos duros de 80GB SCSI en RAID (200GB disponibles).

@nipos [1/2] Hola mundo! Finalmente estamos online y admitiendo nueva gente 🎉 . Pensé en crear esta instancia cuando empezaron a venir muchos usuarios al fediverso desde España. Desafortunadamente, muchos problemas técnicos me hicieron posponer su inicio. La meta de este proyecto es proveer de una alternativa libre y segura para la comunidad española, y por supuesto, cualquiera que quiera unirse a nosotros. Si quieres probar una nueva red social, por favor, unete a nosotros.

I will be amazed if ever in my life I use any version of the Hahn-Banach theorem for anything aside my degree

So I've been using the BunnyCDN trial on mastodon.social's CSS/JS assets for a day and it's got this neat table which data centres the bandwidth goes to. Since CSS/JS assets load mostly only during the first page load on the site, this roughly corresponds to where our new users come from:

I've had a lot of requests to post about a physical application of the replacement ∑n → -1/12.

So without further ado I give you: The Casimir Effect

This content is from @[email protected]

What physicists mean when they say 1+2+3+... = -1/12

@rixx If you use firefox, it allows for keyword bookmarks. Create a bookmark for, say,


and give it a keyword of "man" (might have to open the Bookmarks sidebar with control+B and edit it there for the full editor rather than the quick-edit interface). Then typing "man ed" in the URL bar will go to man.openbsd.org/ed or specify the section explicitly

man intro.8
man intro.6

No need for add-ons.

>One day (...) I stumbled upon a beautiful tutorial on git rebase[0]

"Beautiful" :blobpats:

[0] git-rebase.io

via this blog post I finally got around to reading: nullbuffer.com/2019/11/18/sour

WATCH OUT: I just checked my gmail (which I mostly moved away from) spam folder and it had a bunch of domain expiration notices that google has marked as spam even though they are from a domain registrar. This is hostile. There is zero way google doesnt have the knowledge that these are important.



rustc -C target-feature=+crt-static test.rs

fn main(){
println!("Hello world")

real 0,002s, 97 syscalls, 3MiB

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