@alcinnz the fist matrix is not just the calculation of the inverse matrix?

@ekaitz_zarraga @xiroux puff la vida ha dado muchas vueltas, pero estoy a todo :abloblamp: . Mi meta son 5 idiomas en cinco años

Final degree project update 

Final degree project update 

@ekaitz_zarraga @xiroux aprender a leer cirílico es lo mejor qué he hecho este verano 🇷🇺

Just discovered #Gancio! An event platform that (partially) supports #ActivityPub and is already being used!

There are already two instances!
gancio.cisti.org (Torino, Italy)
lapunta.org (Firenze, Italy)

Project website:

Code repo:

@lain Considering that my first ubuntu version was 8.04 I feel that I have grown alongside ubuntu

We have a blog!

We'll be posting at least once a week, and you can follow it thanks to @writeas_org !


@chachaji In my case I had to package a project before for an intership task but I don't know why I find pypi documentation slow

I have created my first pypi project github.com/yabirgb/arcade

Building the project itself was easier than packaging it but at least is working.

Is a static site generator with basic features but every developer has to build one once.

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