I'm a really big fan of Mate Rimac and what he has achieved. It has been a lot of effort from him but also from the people working at Rimac youtube.com/watch?v=JWfNHDYS1a

Check out @JoshConstine’s Tweet: twitter.com/JoshConstine/statu

Instagram confirms to TechCrunch that it's prototyped this redesign that hides Like counters to "reduce pressure on Instagram"


fun fact, if you remove @context from posts in pleroma it will no longer federate with mastodon. maybe i should add that as an option due to eunomia.

About the month of Ramadan Show more

About the month of Ramadan Show more

English is my third language.

I don't really studied a lot of it and most of what I know is just from reading stuff on the internet.


If you don't understand something I say or if you feel that it might be understood in many ways, just ask. Don't presume that I know what I'm saying.

Language gap is a problem.
Do your fucking best.

I've seen too much bullshit these days.

It's official: I'm actively looking for a new job.

Either remote or in Granada, Spain. I could consider something in Sweden, också.

Let's try this! I'll do a quick live hacking session on a little docker backup tool in #golang.

If there are enough of you interested in joining me, we'll start in about 15 minutes.

Don't hesitate to say hello in the chat!

Stream here: twitch.tv/mueslix

@jartigag It might bee too that the peewee version (the orm I use) is too old. I've fixed it to version 3.7.0 which is a quite old but stable en ought to work with the async module

@jartigag Did you follow this guide? anfora.app/documentation/getti You need to setup postgresql and redis. Then create the db. I believe that is what is failing

@dansup @anfora Hopefully soon TM. I'm very motivated to build stories on an for a and a couple of ideas

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