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From far away it begins to look kind of alright? 🤔

I just noticed that I'm turning 21 and I haven't done anything that makes me proud yet. Need to this

Let's go fed I! Today we aren't giving the 200% because that's impossible but we go at 100%

@ekaitz_zarraga jumping the window is always a valid option. What I tend to do is to set mini goals and order what I want to do from the smallest task to the biggest. That way it seems I'm doing something

@xiroux My nightmare is lowercase Xi. 3 years doing Analysis and yet I rarely make it nicely

@xiroux MMmmmm. Latin seems interesting but I don't find Greek a good target for me. Thanks!!!

@selea Mmmm, if I can talk with someone special (someone that I really want to talk with) maybe. Speaking in another language is not that secret, I've discovered that always someone's understands you 😂

@ondiz I really feel motivated to do it. My target is a B2/C1 in each one but I don't want to drop it so everything at it's time

@selea I find easy to learn languages when something motivates me. I wouldn't be able to learn those kind of languages :blob_grinning_sweat:

After talking with my friend this morning I've decided to challenge me learning 5 languages in 5 years (starting when I finish my degree, that's when I'm sure I won't drop the challenge). My list is

1. German
2. Arab
3. Russian
4. ???
5. ???

I'll keep you updated

@dansup Lol I didn't knwo this `*@@`. I belive I don't do this

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