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I forgot a pendrive on my pocket and left it on the wash machine. Surprisingly it still works

Now I'm starting to like self-hosted things <3

@kungtotte @ekaitz_zarraga @annika I think you forgot to `strip` it, of course it weighs way less without debuginfo for the whole stdlib:

$ cat
fn main() {
let mut a = 0;
let mut b = 1;

for _ in 0..10 {
println!("{}", b);
let c = b;
b += a;
a = c;
$ rustup run nightly rustc
$ du -sh fib
2.4M fib
$ strip fib
$ du -sh fib
196K fib

( • . •)
/ >📦 npm i

( • - •)
/>📦 oh noooo

kaniini, breaking your shit before some asshole does it

I upgraded from linux mint 18 to 19 and all seems to work. First time in my live

I just got rejected from both Google and Bloomberg so I'm happy again

The creator of @pixelfed is looking for a sustainable way to fund his full time work on that project, you can help by donating on Liberapay:

fixing AP is hard, but you can help us fill in the pieces.

In my free time of my free time I want to build a git server (something like github) but in rust. And I would build it my way with webhooks and things.

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