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my #ff

@yabirgb - developer of @anfora

@eliotberriot - developer of #funkwhale

@mbajur - developer of @prismo

@lain - host of #lainradio, creator of #pleroma and a big inspiration to new AP projects like :pixelfed:

Do you know that feeling when you don't know what you did but it just works? That's me right now :ablobowo: Good night fedi! :blobcatpeek:

What I like the most of the fediverse is all these people adding real value, being open and creating nice content. Good night :ablobowo:

Curated Discover, define categories based on specific hashtags and rules. Shipping soon! #pixelfed

Oh now I think all my issues were being using 'now' instead of 'utcnow'

USER AGENT: Hey website, please don't track me

WEBSITE: Aha, you are one of the 0.5% of users who request not to be tracked. This is an excellent way to track you

Lots of thanks to everyone for suggestions for the Adobe CC alternatives list.

Here it is, let me know if there's anything you want added/corrected:

(Natron looks good too but it seems to be no longer maintained, and its official website's certificate has expired.)

#Adobe #CreativeCloud

Working on a section for about free open alternatives to Adobe's Creative Cloud.

Any suggestions to add to this list?

After Effects -> @Blender

Audition -> Audacity

Illustrator -> @krita

Photoshop -> @GIMP

Premiere -> ?

...good free open NLE video editors to replace Premiere would be especially welcome.

In 2018, I made my computer take a screenshot of my GitHub profile each day. Here's the result as a timelapse.

EU citizens!

#Article13 has lurched back into life due to a last minute Franco-German deal:

Any profit-making site over 3 years old will have to install YouTube-style automatic copyright filters on all uploads.

In practice, they would have to outsource it to Google etc. Big tech would choose what we see, even on tiny indie sites.

Please tell your MEPs today, in your own words, that this is not acceptable. They vote on this next Monday:

I need to change my Pentium (is a Pentium G3258). I'm thinking on a ryzen. Anyone has recommendations?


A yearly online conference with presentations from AP developers and others, hosted on PeerTube and accessible to everyone. I think this will be my next project!

#activitypub #fediverse #activityPubConf #peertube

Any PRO with vue here? I'm trying to use some css colors stored in vuex in my scss variables but is not working :/

To: Tusky

From: Pleroma development community

We ❤️ you and look forward to a long fruitful relationship.
Happy to see tusky getting some funds :) they deserve it

Today I discovered that my father issue with openssl was that the hash function changed between versions. He couldn't encrypt and desencrypt between his linux and osx because one was using md5 and the other sha256 to do the digest

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