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Ok I finish this chain of toots saying again that the fediverse is awesome, always improving and with more people every day. :blobheartcat:

Btw I want to use this space to mention @dansup as , you don't know how awesome he is. If you don't follow him, it's a good moment.

I'm happy because in one year I've learnt with @anfora more that what I expected. I want to ship something one day and then It'll funny to add functionalities :abloblamp:

I've survived this week, now it's only 4 months left. Good news is that I have time this weekend to code

Proudly written in PHP, Pixelfed has embraced a UI driven development approach.

Users don't care if :pixelfed: is using the latest or coolest framework or fancy tech, they care about the experience and what they see or feel.

I'd love to see more "uncool" projects in the fediverse.

That feeling when you leave home to be 13h at uni :blob_tired_face:

Improved responsive layout for mobile browsers shipping soon! #pixelfed

Computing Machinery and Intelligence by A. M. Turing

First time reading this and is impressive. I see the fundamentals of many things that I've studied. Also It's interesting to read the point of view of someone from the past viewing the future

The visual component is almost finished, I just need some kind of link or button on remote polls that would download most up-to-date tallies from the origin #mastodev

What kind of categories would you like to see?

Reply with the category name and associated hashtags and we'll consider adding them!

the most important think to know about mongodb is that you should probably use PostgreSQL unless you know you'll need certain mongodb-specific features that PostgreSQL can offer. in which case you should use CouchDB instead.

Rust removes pain points so fast that people cannot keep up with removing explanations of these pain points:

In case anyone is wondering, I use Firefox as my personal browser on both desktop and mobile, so I have a very low tolerance for stuff that's fast in Chrome but slow in Firefox.

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