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Turns out unauthorized people had access to data for 3 months... Perhaps time for #selfhosting so you know who has access to your data?
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Microsofts Unbefugte hatten drei Monate lang Zugriff auf Kundendaten #Outlook

"after all, running a massive server is a huge liability and pain in the ass, as we saw last week" - matrix

We believe the laws of Canada align best with privacy, safety and security for our users.

Hate Speech is not protected under Canadian law.

We will not tolerate abuse on our platform and are taking proactive measures to prevent it.

We will be migrating to Canada this summer! 🇨🇦

I'm afraid. I was going to save a Paper and the browser opened the folder where I wanted to store it

Be ready for this awesome week!! You'll destroy it :blobcheer:

I've finished watching all the videos documenting the in-development Mill CPU architecture. This is a novel design with it's own machine code language that achieves more performance out of less complexity.

I'll summarize those videos now, but keep in mind this is a simplification on top of a simplification.

Sidenote: It'd be interesting to see a Linux port to the Mill.

Can Linux handle the Mill's global virtual address space? Can Mill-based isolation be retrofitted around kernel modules?

I'm super sad to announce that in cause of bad server configuration, entire production database of has been accidentally wiped out. Without option to restore it.

You can't imagine how angry i am right now but i assure you i'm gonna write an extended post about that incident with description of everything that happened and lessons learned.

I'm super sorry for your loss, i hope fediverse will forgive me one day.

Progress! Turns out that pressing buttons only when sprites are visible helps! 😅 (thanksfully jsnes exposes the PPU/CPU states so that's convenient)

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It's so cold in my room that I hardly can use my keyboard. :ablobgrimace:

Hey any GTK developers 

I'm getting asked about a way to have debug logs written to a file to be attached to a bug report. Any suggestions on how to do this?

After a small discussion this morning (, we're adding support for the `commentsEnabled` field, which is now in both @pixelfed and #PeerTube.

This will land in our next #WriteFreely release, v0.9

Manipulating the YouTube Algorithm - (Part 1/3) Smarter Every Day 213

A bit sad to see Charles Leclerc issue but this is just motivation! I'm ready for this week! Let's go! Hope you get a nice week :acongablob:

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