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I might need help with my schedule 

Now that ramadan comes I need to wake up around 5am to eat. Library is not open until 8:30am and I spent the morning there. Classes are from 3:30 pm to 9:30 pm and I have to eat again at ~9:15pm. For when I'm finished eating it's easy 10:30pm. I don't know what to do to sleep. What would you do?

Hey! I forgot my phrase: Have a nice sunday! :acongablob:

I had to code an agent reactive and deliberative and I achieved a good result. I'm proud of it. Basically is a robot exploring a map and collecting treasures for my AI subject

My list of things that I want to do is growing quickly

Vertical spacing is not only difficult in css, it is also difficult in latex. Is vertical spacing one of the hardest problems in the world?

/e/ is looking for a full-time developer (remote/telecommuting).

- good programming background
- likes to dive into complex things, result-driven, autonomous, knows GIT
- likes to work in multi-cultural environment

Interested in changing the world with us? Contact me at [email protected] + resume
#jobs #opensource #android #privacy #remotejob #developer

Can we get some love to all the Yunohost app packagers doing a truly *epic* job at packaging *and* maintaining more than 100 apps :blobaww: !

Cheers to Maniack @JimboJoe @josue @anmol @yalh @kayou @frju365 and many more I'm forgetting :underheart: !

A year ago, the only person who knew the name of the project besides @dansup was @yabirgb the @anfora developer.

Some might see us as competitors, we see it differently.

Together Anfora and Pixelfed are working to build fediverse features like Federated Filters, Live Streaming and Stories.

It's better when you work together.

#fediverse #activityPub #federation #cooperation

Regolith is a polished, productivity focused Ubuntu-based Linux distribution. It brings together a trifecta of Ubuntu’s ubiquity, i3wm’s efficient and productive interface, and Gnome’s system configuration features.

How to make unreadable full-width site readable:

max-width: 800px;
line-height: 1.5em;
margin: 0 auto;

and margin to taste

New Plume Alpha

After a few months without publishing about Plume, we are pleased to announce that a new alpha version has been released today.

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