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Don't know if anyone has already shared it but here you have a tweet from Vitalik about facebook

I've found a director for my final degree project. Finally I'm doing elliptic curves + blockchain (My project has two parts since I study two degrees). I'm very excited with this

Me with my trash again 

At the end my mark in complex analysis has been my greatest mark in all the 5 analysis subject that I've taken

Me talking trash 

The other week I told my professor that analysis was one of the hardest things for me and he wouldn't believe me. I'm incredible stupid or I don't know shit of what I'm doing

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Me talking trash 

Today is the first day in three years that I feel really overwhelmed by a subject. This morning I finished some exercises and since then I've been unable to move. I've lost the path and I don't find motivation to continue. My only hope is god and trying to keep a good pace tomorrow. I've study weekly and even then I feel like I know nothing.

From far away it begins to look kind of alright? 🤔

I just noticed that I'm turning 21 and I haven't done anything that makes me proud yet. Need to this

Let's go fed I! Today we aren't giving the 200% because that's impossible but we go at 100%

After talking with my friend this morning I've decided to challenge me learning 5 languages in 5 years (starting when I finish my degree, that's when I'm sure I won't drop the challenge). My list is

1. German
2. Arab
3. Russian
4. ???
5. ???

I'll keep you updated

Hoy le he dado un buen tirón a la charla que estoy preparando para Libreim. Ya está acabada toda la parte clásica, con sus demostraciones y todas sus cosas (falta indicar la complejidad de cada operación y pulir algunas cosas de alineación de ecuaciones). Lo próximo es ponerse con la parte cuántica, que me va a costar bastante, pero bueno... sobreviviré.

Podéis ir viendo cómo queda aquí:

I might need help with my schedule 

Now that ramadan comes I need to wake up around 5am to eat. Library is not open until 8:30am and I spent the morning there. Classes are from 3:30 pm to 9:30 pm and I have to eat again at ~9:15pm. For when I'm finished eating it's easy 10:30pm. I don't know what to do to sleep. What would you do?

Hey! I forgot my phrase: Have a nice sunday! :acongablob:

I had to code an agent reactive and deliberative and I achieved a good result. I'm proud of it. Basically is a robot exploring a map and collecting treasures for my AI subject

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