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I don't know if i can ever love someone again after my last partner just went from saying he loved me enough to be with me no matter what to just... not talking to me anymore.

it made my anxiety around every single social interaction and relationship so much harder.

i'm still struggling 7 months later.

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Fix something small that gets in your way. Sew on a button, clean a grimy keyboard.

my week was ok.

my therapist waived the fee for the appointment 😭😭😭
i got insurance through my workplace and found out my therapist and the psychiatrist im going to see is in network.

also adderall er and bupropion are tier 1 medications, so i wont go broke while trying to improve my mental health. 💕💕💕

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So I have this short little "cultural guide for Fediverse newcomers"

A big point it makes is that, largely, behavior within a social network is determined by the behavior people bring with them from their other networks.

A lot of folk on the Fediverse come here from Twitter, and import their behavior from Twitter, and then wonder why the Fediverse doesn't work any different than Twitter.

Cause y'all act like it's Twitter. That simple. Act different. You can.


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the secret to strong ai is you gotta make a computer that can get depression

therapy time.

don't have insurance so this is gonna hurt.

i'm really struggling. been laying on my floor all day when i could be doing anything else.

it's been seven months of me trying to figure out if we are still friends or if i still have a chance after this break-up.

i'm devastated still. crying myself to sleep and all of that. i want to reach out again and break the few months of no-contact but idk... i was never given any answers before.

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have we tried organizing hip-hop concerts with american and iranian rappers with the stated intention of promoting peace and coexistence through the arts

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treated myself to kombucha and a berry bowl at work.

gotta make sure this doesn't become a habit lol

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when i have my coffee in the morning to keep me from acting irritable and lashing out 

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Anyone: oh no, this is bad news [link to article about a smart-thing openly stealing all your info]

Tech bros: why are you surprised? You should have switched from using an oven to a homemade rig of hot plates inside an old dishwasher 5 years ago. Grow up

at the end of the ptce it said "preliminary results: pass"

i'm so happy

gonna get a raise when they notify my employer

ya girl's a certified drug dealer.


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