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uspol nothing 

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every village in england is called either like tittington-next-the-brook or scummywater

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The Conspiracy doesn’t watch you. You watch The Conspiracy.

Break free! Spend six to eight hours a day staring at the face of J. R. “Bob” Dobbs instead. Here is a tiny one to get you started.


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I guess I won bc the person asking if it was legal just took 20 orchids from the dumpster in question.... much to the boomers' dismay

just got into a Facebook argument with some boomers about the legality of dumpster diving

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hey this year on 9/11, instead of making jokes about a national tragedy maybe people on mastodon could talk about how there was a sharp uptick in violence against Muslims and anyone who "looked" like they could be Muslim and they still feel the effects of it today

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True love is whittling a stick in the woods with your pocketknife, but it keeps looking like a dick and you just give up and give it to your crush anyway.

is drinking iced green tea (plain) good when getting a cold? asking for me

i'm tired but have an essay to do
getting sick
have an 8hr shift in the morning (10:30-7)
going to start the essay


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ngl anytime i'm using a cli i get those tv hacker feels and i love it

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You don't need fancy pens or notebooks to keep a journal and it might help to put your thoughts down somewhere.

vapor transmission (album by orgy) is my new biography


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i love pop punk in other languages. it goes to show the human condition: we are all young people who hate our towns and heartbreak.

i was naive when i applied for part time originally. should've jumped right into flex full time instead lol

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