⠀⠀ guys, don’t forget to always toot with the unlisted feature too in order to avoid spamming the local / federated timeline.

⠀⠀ i just wish that they had told us nicely instead of calling us bot accounts and accuse us for doing something we didn’t.

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Also, everything that goes to the local timeline, goes to the public.

The instances besides mstdn.social can't stand spam, so they end up muting/blocking the whole instance, so peoples from those instances can never interact with each other.

That's a really sad thing and we can't let that happen. This is Stux's life!

And you can stop all these things from happening by just telling your friends and others to post "unlisted".

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A little thread about Mastodon.

( but sorry for my limited English skill, I just trying to help)

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Welcome to Mastodon all! :ablobcatwave:

Before you start posting please read out guidelines on mstdn.social/about/more

If you can and like please think about supporting us financially, we are a free open source platform without ads.

The platform costs a lot of money(over €500 a month) to maintain and every donation helps us a lot♥️

See how you can help on mstdn.social/funding

Thank you :blobcathearts:

⠀⠀ another question, so should we unlist all of our toots or just when we want foll/ow/back someone?

⠀⠀ but i got another problem… and that’s… i on’t like this app. 🤗 rip, i’ll have to choose one.

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⠀⠀ that’s it, i’mma try other app. :]

⠀⠀ i’m so so so confused with this all public, unlisted and direct message thing… i’m afraid of other users ( especially non - roleplays ) getting angry at me. ; ____ ;

sorry if i got it wrong, i’m still a newbie.

⠀⠀ quick question… can’t we dm in mastodon or is it just my app? i’m using amaroq.

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Mastodon does not store passwords in plain text. This is trivial to confirm as Mastodon is an open-source project. We use the bcrypt algorithm for one-way hashing of passwords. I can't believe someone is spreading misinformation about something so trivial to debunk.

⠀⠀ this is sooㅡ oo foreign. ; ____ ;

hello, @englishroleplayer ! can you give me a shoutout ? this NCT 127’s dimple prince, jaehyun ! 🌟 looking for his fellow groupmates and anyone who wants to be my friends.

thank you !


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