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My wife has concerns that she has no passwords to any of my accounts, my laptop, the server in the basement, etc. Working in security, I'm unhappy with the idea of sharing *everything*

Certainly there are passwords I need to share (financial/insurance/etc) but others make me wary (full disk encryption).

Open source password managers don't handle sharing well. Commercial ones have monthly fees that are too high.

If I get hit by a bus I need her to have access to stuff but not when I'm alive

The Spanish Spain never recovered from the frustrations of losing its empire...

So Eta is no more, but the political conflict remains, as it does in Catalonia. The inability of the Spanish state to respond through dialogue, negotiation and compromise to the democratic aspirations of Catalan and Basque societies persists, and so does instability for Spain and for Europe.


Beginning June 11, no more free API key for Google Maps (now Google Maps Platform) if you don't provide a credit card.

A lot of custom Google maps that have been created over the years will likely no longer work.

Time to use #leaflet and #openstreetmap



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I'm a DevOps and I have no idea what that means

Умират, преди да са умрели

от Еми Барух


Honestly, #Tusky is the best mobile app for the fediverse. It's buttery-smooth, supports pretty much all of the features of the web platform, and has a great UI that is extremely easy to use.

I would recommend it for anybody who uses Android, hands down.

Advice from the #WordPress #accessibility team on Infinite scrolling and why it is a bad idea: make.wordpress.org/accessibili

And yes, I have run into infinite scrolling traps with #Pinafore, too, where the last item I jumped to was suddenly no longer the last item I expected. ;) As for going back, the Back buttons on profiles or thread views, however, do take me to the right place because @nolan knows proper focus handling. :)

Une photo prise à Hanoi, au Vietnam, d'une rue magnifique où le train passe tous les jours.

Je vais en partager un peu plus =)



A new activityPub implementation in the making so !

A blog engine as I understand it. for federated blog.

You with your Latin alphabet languages don't know what it is to change layouts all the time.

The "Pras-Press" political cartoons are extra smart today!

Monitoring is the path to the dark side. Monitoring leads to alerts. Alerts lead to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

@gme It's not complicated indeed. New instances don't pop up in a vacuum (and they pop up all the time): The admins have friends who migrate over, or they create them for existing communities, they announce them on Mastodon and get boosted around and interested people migrate. They announce them on their twitters and facebooks and get their friends to migrate. Half of all servers have started and grew before joinmastodon even existed as a website.

I updated three VMs today. #Ubuntu from 16.04 to 18.04 took 20 minutes, #Fedora 27 to 28 took 25 minutes, and #Windows 10 1709 to 1803 took 120 minutes!