There is a serious issue. I have recently learned that my school does not sanitize their site, and allows links and pages with unescaped ampersands in the names, rendering them inaccessible. I have also, on multiple occasions, messed up their data easily with simple SQL injection. We need to start a movement to sanitize all webpages. They need to be so clean that we can eat jpegs of hot dogs off of them and not get any viruses.

Was playing around with shaders on @RedstonerServer, and somehow this happened. I'm not sure what to think.

@Nigga Do you play on Redstoner? If so, what's your IGN?

ok first of all that long depressing thing - I don't even remember writing that because I was so tired. Second of all, let's not mention that shark attack @pyjamal1ama .-.

Look around you. Look at the trees. Look at the sky. Look at pretty much everything. Isn't everything so absolutely vibrant and beautiful? Then ask yourself if the real world could truly be this magical. Think of all the terrible things that are happening and that have happened. It seems like the world is just laughing at you. Laughing at all the pain it has caused.

@RedstonerServer stop accidentally clearing my notifications (test toot no. 2)

@Max dun dun dun-dun-dun dun dun dun-dun dun

What is good, and what is bad? They are all social constructs...

@RedstonerServer absolutely terrible. Death, like life, is a meaningless waltz danced by fools.

@RedstonerServer will we be getting a mastodon option on the users page?


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