So, there's been more and more talk in tech circles I follow about going back to RSS.

Honestly, I never gave it up. I read a lot of webcomics, and RSS is the best way to keep up with them.

But yes, RSS is awesome, and there's plenty of non-Google Reader options for services and apps. I like Feedbin, but it's a paid service. The Old Reader is good and free.

This. If you're interested in history of "community" of what could have become quite an interesting operating system if they had done a few things in a different way...

@hoergen @fsfe ein RIESEN Schritt wäre es, an Schulen mal aufzuhören konsequent nur MS-Office zu unterrichten & im Sprachgebrauch statt Word & Excel von Textverarbeitung und Tabellenkalkulation zu sprechen.

After chatting about yesterday, I sort of felt the need to check whether anything has remained from various ambitious attempts to build an open-source community around Suns system back then just before they got acquired by Oracle. Seems at the very least ( is still kind of alive and working. Gotta check that out later today, still pretty much like the kernel ...

The truth is out there.

But online, it feels like it’s harder than ever to find. So where do we go from here? In the season finale of IRL, recorded live in San Francisco, we navigate the strange new world of social media misinformation.

📷 @LucasSaugen tweeted by @mozilla

Just saw my pro account being renewed a couple of days ago... Reminded me of the fact that were the first of these photography networks that actually and explicitly supported licenses for your pictures...

Do you want to make the world a better place? We're looking for you.
Find out more about Mozilla Fellows: tweeted by @MozDevNet

Digitalisierung hat was mit Vernetzung zu tun, mit Kooperation. Es kann niemals einer Digitalisierung "gewinnen". Es "gewinnen" alle oder niemand. Oder man macht es halt falsch.

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