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Let your server or desktop computer help humanitarian causes!

My computers also do some work for [email protected]

Searching for ET signal or finding the largest prime number are cool projects, but I think the highest priority when using BOINC (or other agent) is to join biology & medicine projects.

Could the be an example about that?

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It seems that
- 5% of people use good
- 65% of people use evil

I don't know what to feel about that.

I was deploying my own server, when I realized I fully trust and the fact they can't read my data.
laziness 1 - 0 decentralization

It's been a while I haven't played .
And that's OK. My addiction is going away.
And anyway, in the last times my frag skills have begun to decline.

I've resolved a security issue with my production cache (contains clear password + file is chmoded 644 on write).
I've moved it to its running container's /dev/shm.
Security +10
Performances +1

I want a distro with a philosophy that is a mix between and .
With the stability of or .
With the security of .
With modern concepts like those in .
With… bleh :-/

My new temptation:
Discover the world of , which seems to be great.

Please tell me is way better, so the overworked man I am doesn't need to learn another system, even if it is good.

is excellent software but, be careful: its config.json (containing clear SMTP password) is rw-r--r-- by default.
Changing to 640 works well.

I wonder how interesting/unsafe it would be to share the way I manage my personal server, how I run my containers and how I encrypt my private data so the hosting company can't read it.

So many things to do.
Sleep deprivation.
But I still want to believe one day Emacs is my regular editor, I perfectly speak Rust and Lisp, and the 2 or 3 big programming projects in my head are well advanced.

J'ai réinitialisé mon Samsung J5. Fond d'écran par défaut et même raccourcis alakon qu'au début.

Mais… what??? Le compte Google que j'avais enregistré est resté connecté. Dans Chrome les cookies concernant les services Google sont toujours là.

Je rajoute Samsung à la liste des géants que j'aime pas.

Vivement que j'arrive à installer LineageOS à la place de cette merde.


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Qu'achète Dark Vador à la boulangerie ?

3 pains et 2 tartes tatins

Pain pain pain tarte tatin tarte tatin

phpBB recommends to chmod 777 some of its folders.


J'ai jamais vu un hôpital avec un système informatique digne de ce nom.
Pour la naissance de mon 2ème, j'ai remarqué que les data de monitoring étaient envoyées à un vieux Windows, et les résultats affichés dans une vue web ouverte par un vieux IE, avec l'URL en rouge parce que problème de certif SSL pour "https://localhost/". Le tout servi par du JSP.
Je meurs.

Poor Luigi! I don't think this kind of damage is planned for the next version of Mario Kart.

Really, absolutely no time for now for the NES game I want to make.
But it was cool to study the NES architecture :-)

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"We found him! We finally found him!

The Installation Wizard!"

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