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- I also serve our English masters, I keep their precious trains running
- Are you happy keeping their trains running?
- Happy? I don't know, but I'm good at it.
- I dream of hunting in this jungle of metal and asphalt. I imagine my true form leaping from beam to ledge to terrace roof until I am at the top of this island. Until I can growl in the faces of all the men who believe they can own me.
Love, Death & Robots - "Good Hunting"

now it's handmaid's tale. maybe time to stop writing dystopian lit and shit, as those fucks treat it all as an instruction manual?

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In 2016, Mearsheimer was asked what the biggest disaster in US foreign policy was. The panelist next to him said Iraq. Here’s his answer.

i'm a bit embarrassed about that "he's" instead of "his" blunder 🤷 think i rewrote the sentence from a "he's great" and forgot that part. there there tis ookay

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we've finally managed to publish a bunch of the Ansible roles that we've written and relied on for years 🎉 Here's a post with all the deets happy infra hacking!

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I don't want tech to be "magic". I want it to be transparent and understood.

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my therapist: and what do we do when we feel like this?

me: identify the oppressive social systems responsible and dismantle the fuck out of them

my therapist: oh yeah that's way better than what i was gonna say

The present crisis, permanent and omnilateral, is no longer the classic crisis, the decisive moment. On the contrary, it’s an endless end, a lasting apocalypse, an indefinite suspension, an effective postponement of the actual collapse, and a permanent state of exception.
-- the invisible committee

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policy thinking is a kind of power fantasy where you get to think of yourself as the legislator with the most profound, wise, and just policy preferences. but these hypothetical preferences are meaningless and obscure and misdirect from the real life choices that are actually available. individual choices and action are ironically dismissed with "unrealistic" or "unimportant" or "not everyone can do X" which misses how life is built from the bottom-up through millions of acts of participation, refusal, and evasion.

accepting that you are a nobody, with no stake or allegiance to this society or its proxies, to live an authentic life of your choosing, however "unimportant", "unrealistic", or context-specific

This is a good article about salaries and we need to talk more about it:
Younger, eager, passionate and more inexperienced people are taken advantage of by companies *all the time*. And used as a threat against other workers, propped up as a contingent all ready to work for less money. Fuck that. We're all exploited, we don't get all the value we produce under capitalism but we can fight to bridge that gap. Talk about money and labour conditions, join a union.

New book by Brett Scott: Cloudmoney: Cash, Cards, Crypto and the War for our Wallets
He's other writings are great, very curious about this one.

so many of us... from wide-eyed enthusiastic curiosity about technology and its potential for helping people to dread and despair at having it consumed as work - ground down and eaten by a social machine that regurgitates everything as products for consumption and profit. fuck that shit. we need our own tech, for our own ends. different paths, our paths.

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Are you ready to organize? 🧡

Inhabit is building a platform for revolutionary autonomy.

"Amid climate change and economic ruin, we’re connecting a network of people who are ready to live & fight, aggregate skills, build infrastructure & share tools to make a different world"

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New poster! :anarchy: if you're local and want copies to put up let me know, I made lots.
Printed on #Riso with bright red and fluorescent orange

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It is completely legit to *both* be extremely upset about Russia invading Ukraine *and* to feel troubled by the "this doesn't happen here" kind of narrative legitimizing frequent proxy war invasions of countries with primarily brown-skinned populations. That's not hypocritical.

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Here's one of our coolest referents, the Telekommunist Manifesto by Dmytri Kleiner.

"Software development & immaterial cultural production aren't enough against exploitation or unfair distribution of assets. Only self-organization of production by workers can."

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