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- I also serve our English masters, I keep their precious trains running
- Are you happy keeping their trains running?
- Happy? I don't know, but I'm good at it.
- I dream of hunting in this jungle of metal and asphalt. I imagine my true form leaping from beam to ledge to terrace roof until I am at the top of this island. Until I can growl in the faces of all the men who believe they can own me.
Love, Death & Robots - "Good Hunting"

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Oh no! Think of the productivity!

Perhaps the real reason for the productivity drop is because folks are realizing that their jobs are complete bullshit and there's more important things to do than make J.P. Morgan Chase a boat-load more money at their personal expense.

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Community Defense: Sarah T. Hamid on Abolishing Carceral Technologies

"We organize against carceral institutions, actors, and systems—not surveillance. The focus on "surveillance" has a depoliticizing effect on the work we do. Organizers campaigning against carceral technologies are not organizing against "intense creepiness." They are organizing against a category of violence—legally sanctioned violence by the carceral state—that has a long history of racialized surveillance, and a short history of digital surveillance."

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1995: "The internet sees censorship as damage, and routes around it."

2020: "One shitty company had a bad day, now nothing on the internet works."

Ah, progress.

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please stop telling me voting Biden is anti-fascist. democrats led by Obama/Biden cultivated every weapon Trump is using, and it is valid and incredibly reasonable to be critical of going back to that same awful authoritarian leadership. voting does not create nor destroy fascism.

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Life’s too short to spend begging power to please be kind. I’d rather spend what little time I have working to ensure that such power doesn’t exist to begin with.

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What do the following have in common?

- Disrupting industries with the gig economy and removing long-term job security
- Gambling marketed to children via loot boxes in games
- Spam emails and unwanted newsletters
- Subversive ads masquarading as genuine news articles
- Treating personal data as a commodity to be bought and sold

It's an attribute they share with the following:

- 2008 financial crisis
- BP oil spill
- Private prisons
- The bananna wars

The answer: the profit motive.

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"So, who are pirates, and why are they so popular? I mean, are they just the cuddly protagonists of children's books? Or are they violent thieves trying to overthrow industry, and if they are, why do we dress our children up to imitate them? Because my son never got invited to any aggravated robbery parties."

- #KesterBrewin

'Mutiny! What our love of #pirates tells us about renewing the #commons:'

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"Entre pessoas em situação de sem-abrigo e especuladores, a PSP escolhe os últimos"

Sim, em Portugal também a polícia serve para proteger quem tem poder, mesmo quando actuam ilegalmente.
Só para o caso de haverem dúvidas se o problema era apenas no outro lado do Atlântico. 🙄


Kid got a new huawei y6s phone as a bday gift. Looking to put lineageos on it, found out that to unlock the bootloader you need a code from the company. Which you have to request and pay 60$ for! WTFUCK! Imagine describing this shit to anyone 20y ago, when buying something actually meant you'd own it. If the company decides that the rent should double every couple of months now or something like that, they can brick the thing, no way around it. Fucking unbelievable.

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github, current events 

good to know that GitHub stands against police brutality while simultaneously standing extremely in favor of working with ICE, a thing they have not stopped doing yet

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software griping, purpose of radical software 

software is capital. software saves labor, and under capitalism all labor saved is labor disenfranchised. software produced for money almost invariably reproduces capital's power. you wanna know what software can do instead? remember aaron schwartz. loot the digitarium and never let them kill you for it.

among archivists, pirates reign.

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@protonvpn Why is ProtonVPN allowed in China while Tor is prohibited?

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@zeh For sure, if you can find a group of trustworthy and competent people capable of co-management (this combo is rarer than you might think), you're better to start your own tech co-op. Something like is great as a match-making site people like me, who haven't been able to get a founding group together, and existing co-ops who have realized they have skills gaps they need to fill. Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely check it out.

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