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- I also serve our English masters, I keep their precious trains running
- Are you happy keeping their trains running?
- Happy? I don't know, but I'm good at it.
- I dream of hunting in this jungle of metal and asphalt. I imagine my true form leaping from beam to ledge to terrace roof until I am at the top of this island. Until I can growl in the faces of all the men who believe they can own me.
Love, Death & Robots - "Good Hunting"

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In case you don't know who #JeremyHammond is & why so many of us are ecstatic about his release from prison watch @subMedia's doc "Hack the System" with an extensive interview with the famed #AnarchistHacker
Jeremy is a true movement hero

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@pettter @cjd @sl007 @1br0wn @Argus I would be way more worried about secondary centralization, as we've seen with e-mail for example.

The issue is not with small instances defederating from one another, the issue is with a corporate hijack through centralization and then defederating all the small instances, akin to how e-mail got all but hijacked by the big players and spam blacklists make it hard to run small e-mail servers.

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"And now as artists, we should be the first to leave. We must show that it is possible to live without Instagram, without Facebook, without Google and Amazon. We must endeavor to rebuild our lives and our communities, our private conversations, in ways that don't rely on manipulative infrastructures and interfaces provided by the world’s richest corporations."


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@fribbledom "80% of the tools and ... didn't exist 10 years ago" is not my experience by far.
Some #FOSS technologies and concepts age like wine and allows your knowledge to build on itself for decades.
Some hyped high-churn stuff ages like fish and so does your knowledge.
We choose to learn but also learn to choose.

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Today's posts are brought to you by uBlock Origin. A free open source plugin for most major browsers that blocks ads and malicious content from loading on your computer. Free yourself from the ads on sites like YouTube, Twitch, and porn sites. Support creators on your own terms without enriching Big Tech.

uBlock Origin: "The ultimate logical consequence of blocking = theft is the criminalisation of the inalienable right to privacy."

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Via @[email protected]

"Oct 26
I have some AMAZING NEWS.

Jeremy will be RELEASED to a halfway house come mid-November!

We are SO EXCITED that Jeremy will FINALLY be able to come home to his friends, family, & community, & overwhelmed with gratitude towards everyone who has supported him through this journey."


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me when talking to other leftists: the USSR has a complex legacy, their history is one of both incredible successes and widespread systemic failures, the same as any other superpower, or indeed any nation. to overlook either their highest heights or their lowest lows is to discredit those millions who exalted in them or suffered through them, and paints an incomplete picture of the whole

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"But cops need a warrant" means literally nothing when it comes to information security

1. They might not even get one
2. They might just ask nicely
3. What requires a warrant now might not in the future
4. Data is forever

Don't put your safety in the hands of legal system.

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my work ethic is based on two simple principles:

1) avoid work as much as possible
2) make sure the work you avoid doesn't fall off on other people

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Quarterly reminder that most of you who say “burner phone” really mean “disposable phone” or “protest phone,” and likewise most of you do not understand the security properties and implications of disposable/protest phones.

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tech under capitalism sucks 

the tragedy of tech, hardware and software, under capitalism is that its sole purpose becomes to disenfranchise labor. to replace workers, to cut off workers from decision-making, and otherwise to protect the institutions of rent and property.

of course, without rent and property and disenfranchisement, reducing the amount of labor necessary for general economic operations is a great boon. shorter shifts without loss of pay, for example.

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Do NOT talk to cops. The only things you say to a cop are:

1. Am I free to go? (Leave if yes)
2. I am exercising my right to silence and to speak to a lawyer.

Then you shut the fuck up.

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Oh no! Think of the productivity!

Perhaps the real reason for the productivity drop is because folks are realizing that their jobs are complete bullshit and there's more important things to do than make J.P. Morgan Chase a boat-load more money at their personal expense.

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Community Defense: Sarah T. Hamid on Abolishing Carceral Technologies

"We organize against carceral institutions, actors, and systems—not surveillance. The focus on "surveillance" has a depoliticizing effect on the work we do. Organizers campaigning against carceral technologies are not organizing against "intense creepiness." They are organizing against a category of violence—legally sanctioned violence by the carceral state—that has a long history of racialized surveillance, and a short history of digital surveillance."

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