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"At first I thought DoH was (US) Department of Homeland Security, then I thought it could be an exclamation of Homer Simpson (doh); finally read the article and it seems to be a mixture of the two"

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My Free Software heroes are getting cancelled, one by one, due to their own idiotic behaviour...

I'm saddened, but resigned.

Few of those guys were actually good role models, except in the super-narrow fields where they built their reputations.

They're smart guys. They could use those big brainy brains to adapt and change and learn to be better people. They choose not to. They choose irrelevance.

So goodbye, heroes. Thanks for all your hard work, but you've become problematic old men now.

Step aside or get pushed. 😔
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Please pay attention to the propaganda! Do not applaud people surviving in this dystopia! Instead burn down the dystopia!

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privacy is not only about you. Privacy is both personal and collective. When you expose your privacy, you put us all at risk. [...]

Democracy is not a given. It is something we have to fight for every day. And if we stop building the conditions in which it thrives, democracy will be no more. Privacy is important because it gives power to the people. Protect it.


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We need open mesh networking now more than ever. More and more governments are using Internet shutdowns to gain control of the the people.

This will only get worse.

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"Unfortunately, #Slack calls aren't available in this browser. We recommend downloading the Slack desktop app, or you can switch to Chrome."

Take a hike, Slack, #Firefox isn't some obscure web browser you couldn't possibly support.

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help I love her
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Pia Klemp, the German ship captain who rescued migrants in the Mediterranean, as she refuses a medal from the mayor of Paris.

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A good piece of software exists and is enjoyed by many users. It's basically done and development has slowed down, but it nevertheless continues to be useful to its users.

Later, a new piece of software enters the same market to solve the same $task. It has to rewrite everything from zero, which may take years. As they make improvements over the years, each announcement keeps them on top of the news cycle, with each inch they move towards the finish line.


$newproduct erodes the mindshare from $oldproduct. It has been present at the forefront of the public's minds and quickly gains marketshare, and users who were familiar with $oldproject prior to the introduction of $newproject start to age out of the market.

This happens even if $oldsoftware is free/open-source and $newsoftware is proprietary, if $newsoftware is missing important features of $oldsoftware, if $newsoftware is a gear in the capitalist machine and will eventually spit its chewed up users out when they get sold to the highest bidder, etc.

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Want to find your way from A to B?

You should try:

I've used it a couple of times today, and it was great.

* Uses OpenStreetMap data
* Service provided by HeiGIT
* Doesn't spy on you
* Maps look great
* Effective routes
* Share with friends
* Add your own tracks
* Export to GPX plus others
* Elevation profile

You can also go to C, D, E and many more. 😉

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Windows 10 Privacy Warning As Edge Browser Data Issue Is Confirmed

TL;DR - Edge tracks and sends full URLs, user IDs, and other private info to Microsoft. Don’t use it.

#privacy #security #infosec #Microsoft #browsers #tracking #surveillance #edgebrowser

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extremely important museum plaque that addresses the language we use to talk about slavery in the american south. @OCRbot

Late stage capitalism: so nice that most people die young, of common sense infection.

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This is evidence that more surveillance devices under the control of the police, like bodycams, won't protect anyone from their abuse. boingboing.net/2019/06/25/cop-

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