slowly but surely, I think I have an 'idea' on how to do orchestration of stuff to a degree where I could like share said IaC (infrastructure as code) to help others do the same but without Amazon, Google or Microsoft.

If you know of a solution that can allow:

- app placement and availability across clouds
- making it simple to use a OCI image to define apps and individually configure them
- routing them using some sort of proxy + load balancer (think haproxy, envoy, nginx)
- associating them dynamically to domain names

then I'd love to hear it

I'm working on this intently mainly to see if I can first bring some #IndieWeb apps into the hands of people by clicking buttons and not running terminal scripts. I really think the concept of a 'single-tenant' app is easiest to work with here because then resources are slightly more predictable per-person but I can entertain the idea of a multi-tenant app (like this one, for example)

I've been doing all of this with the HashiCorp set of tools because:

1. they're relatively familiar to me
2. they're self-contained when it comes to running locally and installing on VMs
3. seems to be pretty battle tested


@jalcine well, can do all that but it will take some coding. i'd call it 'simple' because it allows for flexibility and readability, but probably no 'easy'. i like to use , a set of well-maintained playbooks that target hosts. other than that, you may want to check out, a great initiative by comrades at @autonomic (which i only hoped would be based on ansible :)

@zeh thanks for the recommendation! ☺ @jalcine yeah, it sounds like #CoopCloud can do a lot of what you're looking for – currently it only has a command-line interface, but we'd *love* for that to change 😍

@zeh did you ever check out HomelabOS? Seems like the Ansible + Docker thing you were describing. Thoughts on it if so?

/cc @jalcine

@autonomic @jalcine hadn't seen this one, thank you :) looked it over, doesn't seem like my thing, though. i'm pretty fussy yeah :) don't like docker and its idea of the container as the abstraction level. i don't want to download someone's idea of OS + service/app for each thing i need. i want configurable composable modules. for me, that's debian packages + ansible code.

@autonomic @jalcine has it right, again imo ofc. it just needs to grow, in adoption by people and collectives, in number of services and applications. and up, with a layer at the top that lets people choose what apps and services to activate, setting good defaults. ideally, choose and configure your web hosting platform as nginx+wordpress for ex, give it your domain name and run that code to install/modify your designated servers.

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