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@karen it doesn't need it. people get pissed no matter what, they could force it on for every image and people would still complain about images they don't like.

I feel like I am out of the loop on the whole GNU drama and I cba to research it myself, someone eli5 pls

> been active for about a week
> 1,200+ posts



Rust can have everything except web related stuff, leave those to Go, kthxbye~

Wired: Streaming titties 24/7 on Twitch
Tired: Making 10 minute videos on YouTube
Expired: Creating quality content

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Does anybody know instances where German is the main language?

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Mastodon: you shouldn't use Facebook and twitter, they are spying on you and reading through your messages
Also mastodon:

Of course, reading private messages "just in case" is illegal in Europe, but I guess nobody cares.

I remember when my local timeline only had English in it...

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#LLVM developer quits over Social Justice nonsense
"The community change I cannot take is how the social injustice movement has permeated it. When I joined llvm no one asked or cared about my religion or political view. We all seemed committed to just writing a good compiler framework."
h/t @EdwardTorvalds

I am surprised @waifu hasn't encoded a message in rot13 yet

Should I migrate all the things to ProtonMail?

> catch up to timeline
> leave for a bit
> over 9000 new messages


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@angristan It's like the old saying. The best way to get a quick correct answer is to post something obviously wrong.
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@angristan is the server on fire or what? I keep getting random 500's >.>

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