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@zeta just when I tried it haha. Any better luck with #Traefik ?

@rigelk serves a different purpose, it's dynamic (can read docker containers, etc for configs) load balancer, can see it in action here: traefik.zeta.pm
is just a web server with a lot of extend-ability. I still use it, but I will switch to something else when I feel like dealing with this.

@zeta yes, and as far as I've tested, #Caddy is a terrible reverse proxy (I might be having it wrong, as always ;))
I wonder what kind of lightweight server alternative there is however. Of course I could switch back to Nginx, but… #sanedefaults right? Looking that up.

@rigelk Yeah I never really used it as a reverse proxy, traefik handles that for me (that is what it was designed for), caddy instances are there for specific basic websites like my homepage, etc.

@zeta @rigelk
personally i will try armor over the weekend. or i stick with wedge (fork of caddy that "only" removes the advertising) - no advertisement intended

@kura 👀 got you to join mastodon tho

@zeta tru. wish there was something like a post to twitter brdige tho ;-;

@kura there are few, I havent tried any yet tho

@kura @zeta You can use Twidere on Android to post to Twitter and Mastodon at the same time iirc

@eal thanks for the recommendation! i will take a look later

@kura @eal using it now, is pretty nice!