What is mstdn.io?

Fast, secure and up-to-date instance, welcoming everyone around the world. Join us! 🌍
Up since 04/04/2017. ✅

Why should you sign up on mstdn.io?

This instance is not focused on any theme or subject, feel free to talk about whatever you want. Although the main language is english, we accept every single language and country.

We're connected to the whole OStatus/ActivityPub fediverse and we do not block any foreign instance nor user.

We do have rules, but the goal is to have responsible users. So far we haven't had any issue with moderation

The instance uses a powerful server to ensure speed and stability, and it has good uptime. We follow state-of-the-art security practices.

Also, we have over 300 custom emojis to unleash your meming potential!

Looking for a Kpop themed instance? Try kpop.social

Home to 9,179 users
Who authored 883,275 statuses
Connected to 3,591 other instances

Welcome on mstdn.io! 🎉

If you have trouble with the instance (as a user or as a fellow admin), please toot the admin @angristan@mstdn.io, send an email or contact him on Twitter: @fuolpit

Join the Federation!
By @espectalll

📜 Rules:

• Respect each other 🤝
• If you follow the Humans Rights (EN/FR/JP), nothing bad should happen 😉
• Don't spam ✋
• No racism, xenophobia, sexism, discrimination... ☮️
• Please don't post illegal content (or links to) in France and Germany (except torrents) ⛔
• For NSFW content, use the content warning or the NSFW fiter, otherwise please post your toot as unlisted 🔞
• Use content warning for spoilers ❗
• Bots and commercial accounts are allowed only if they don't spam/flood and post as unlisted 🤖
• A local account may be muted or banned if they don't follow the rules. 🔐
• We only block/silence foreign accounts and instances for legal reasons.
List of suspended/silenced accounts/instances (pretty empty)
• Have fun 🎉

If you're not sure about the rules whether it's because you want to sign up or post something, please contact the admin.

When you'll sign up, you'll be following a few accounts by default. The admin chose them to make your timeline more lively, but you are free to follow and unfollow anyone! You should keep following @admin to get the latest news on the instance.

💻 What's behind?

This instance is hosted on a VPS at Hetznet, in Germany.

The server has the following specifications:

4 virtual cores of Skylake Intel Xeon
16 GB of RAM
120 GB of Ceph SSD
Hosted at Hetzner, in their DC3 Datacenter in Nuremberg, Germany.
1 Gb/s connection, using Hetzner's worldwide network, ensuring low latency. (We have people from Japan!)
Debian 9 and Docker
Good security practices
Good uptime
IPv6 compatible, always running the latest stable version of Mastodon
30 days of the web server's logs are kept
Daily backups of the database and files, on another server hosted at OVH, in Gravelines, France.
I also backup the backups once in a while to a server in my home (France). Its disk is encrypted.

👨‍💻 The admin

I'm @angristan, the admin, a french tech enthusiast and Linux sysadmin at a French managed web hosting company. I'm a student in a French IT school at the same time.

I run an english blog and a french blog if you're interested.

I made an account dedicated to mstdn.io news: @admin. Thus you don't have to follow my personnal account to get the latest news on the instance.

I'm the only admin here so feel free to toot me if you have any question or concern about the instance!

Also, I'm a heavy user of Mastodon, so you can be sure this instance won't be abandoned because I lost interest. I launched mstdn.io because I love FOSS, dencentralization and free software, so this is one of my hobby. 😁

I'm a weeb, I like free software, tech, gaming and stuff, but I think I'm open minded and I get along with everyone here.

💰 Donations

You can donate to help me maintain this instance in the long term.

Here is what I have to pay:☮️
• Domain name: 35€/year
• Server: 35€/month
• Backup server: 10€/month

I invested a lot of time for this, dozens of hours of installing, tweaking, debugging, optimizing, monitoring, explaining, etc. I love it, it's my passion, but I do this on my free time, so any thanks for my work, financial or not, is really appreciated.

I also run a Tor relay, so your money will alway be put to good use 😊

Don't forget to toot me @angristan if you made a donation. 😉

Donation methods:

Cryptocurrencies (❤️)

Don't forget to donate to the main dev, he is the one making the hard work for Mastodon: Gargron's Patreon

If you can't help financially, don't worry! Just talk about Mastodon around you, help the new users, and toot every day!

Thank you, and happy tooting!

We're no strangers to tweets
You know the rules, and so do I
The full federation that I'm thinking of
You wouldn't get it from
Any other instance
I'm just gonna tell you how I toot
Gonna make you understand

Never gonna toot you up
Never gonna boost you down
Never gonna tweet around and
Subtoot you

Never gonna make you toot
Never gonna say good toot
Never gonna tell a toot
And toot you

Join the Federation!
By @headlessideas