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The #IndieWeb has a nice concept of building blocks that lets you build focused interoperable bits of algorithms that can work together for a cohesive experience.

* Trying to determine who posted the content youโ€™re looking at? Try authorship.
* Curious about that cross-platform posting support? POSSE - Post On (Your) Site, Share Elsewhere is the concept.
* How can you send a โ€˜pingโ€™ / notification to someoneโ€™s Web page? Use Webmentions!


@jalcine I like their protocols but things like POSSE seem just an hack on top of proprietary services that can block everything when it becomes too problematic for their business, see RSS. What we need is platforms adopting a protocol like ActivityPub, that would let us use just one identity on each site, one nickname, one avatar, one handle, all updated at once:


@alexl The beautiful thing about POSSE is that it's not required. And it's meant to bridge when an opposing platform or protocol doesn't aim to interop with another.

@alexl POSSE doesn't handle "following" from external platforms - purely sending content out. Backfeed describes how you can pull content out of there into your site (so if it does go down; you still have your own copy).

For example, apost from Instagram also shared on Twitter that has my likes from Twitter: v2.jacky.wtf/post/78784209-f9a).

To be frank; "compat" with silos isn't meant to be a long-lasting thing. My personal goal is to have all of us reach a point where we wouldn't need them ;)

Yeah sending out content, but if some people follow me on a platform and that platform remove the API I use to post I lose the follower I have on that platform... I would have to login and say "please follow me on x"

I'm looking for to add ActivityPub support to my blog and just use that. For me POSSE could be a way to get more connections with people and make them aware of better alternative, like federated social networks and blogs

@alexl Yeah that's the thing. Following (or more plumbing - authorized subscription to another user's stream of content) isn't something that's easy. We _had_ things like Atom with WebSub to help us do this (it's how podcasts and other syndication systems work) but now everything's moving to a proprietary or non-interoperable format.

I am open to seeing what you'll hack out! I'm working on providing a subset of ActivityPub actions for my site.


I miss good old days of RSS being everywhere

At a certain point we even had Facebook Messenger and Google Talk supporting XMPP. Now it would be unbelievable

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@alexl man. I've begun working on bringing that back for my family - thankfully we're all on Android so it's been easier to get stable and usable builds of clients

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