We published a statement on our stance on neutrality of free software (and why we won't stay neutral in this case): f-droid.org/en/2019/07/16/stat


"We believe platforms like F-Droid’s repository or fediverse instances must be moderated in order to prevent oppression and harassment to flourish." - this is wrong headed in the extreme.

It's not your business to dictate what people can and can't say online.

Your job is to be a neutral platform. If it's criminal, take it down. If not, you have no right - even if you don't like it.

@jhol Of course they have a right to do so. F-Droid is a private service provider and has as much right to filter the software it ships as Gab has the right to abuse free speech.



@phoe @ice

Come on, you can understand that: just because it's legal to do something it doesn't mean users of a "private" service can't be disappointed

Most of us are kinda are disappointed like what they are saying like oh only people. we ideas agree with can use apps.
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