At the end of the day, the one you know better

@elldee @veer66 LVM for 1 disk drive is not necessary until you connect a second one for increase your total space.

@veer66 @elldee I am experimented on LVM + ext4. If you want some tips, please tell me.

LVM is sick fun on one drive. Resize partitions on the fly? Hold my beer.

Btrfs can resize while mounted, though.


@elldee @veer66 Can you tell me the pro for having many partitions on 1 drive ?

anyone asks for btrfs or LVM, the probability that he wants more than one partition > 0 %.

@elldee @veer66 yes sure you're right at this point. I've installed BTRFS on my laptop and never add an issue on basic utilization.

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