Spaniards have became richer than Italians -- a heartening indication of Spain’s economic revival but a worrying sign for , the eurozone’s third-largest economy, which is stuck in political gridlock. Spain’s per capita gross domestic product exceeded that of Italy in 2017, according to IMF data published this week that compare countries on a so-called 'purchasing power parity' basis.


"The also forecast that would become 7% richer than over the next five years. A decade ago Italy was 10% richer on the same basis."

Is Italy really on the verge of , like the media portray?

Sub-Saharan is slipping into a new debt crisis, with 40% of the region’s countries now at high risk of debt distress -- double the proportion of five years ago.

Chad, South Sudan, the Republic of Congo and Mozambique moved into "debt distress" in 2017, the IMF said, which means they have defaulted or cannot service their debts.

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Isn't following the example of Trump and conservatives in ?

The US is noteable as the only increasing its burden, while all others are cutting theirs -- in some cases dramatically.

Make Africa Great Again!

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