What is this I hear about Mastodon dropping the ability to federate with instances? I am gonna be pissed if I can't interact with half the people I want to interact with all of a sudden.

I literally JUST made my first Masto account :|

@deutrino Past statements by @Gargron seem to indicate that they won't be phasing out OStatus support, but Mastodon instances will largely talk to each other using ActivityPub?

@deadsuperhero @Gargron Yeah, I haven't verified it. I'm currently clicking around looking for people to follow and saw some chatter from an admin of a little instance that Masto is dropping ostatus?? I lost the URL now. But I am concerned, I have plenty of people I want to interact with on multiple platforms.

@deutrino @Gargron I feel the same way; many of my friends are on GS and Mastodon (and Friendica and Hubzilla)

Like I said, I don't think it's going away anytime soon.

@deutrino tl;dr: OStatus doesn't have privacy functionality of any sort, so (at least the plan was) "private" statuses no longer federate to those, because an OStatus implementation would likely just treat them as public, show them on public timelines etc

Mastodon instances, between themselves, continue to do this, because they've switched to communicating via ActivityPub (of which there are also other implementations out there)

@deutrino while public statuses continue to federate to OStatus as they always have, and OStatus posts federate into Mastodon as they always have

@deutrino it is literally just "this particular case is a really bad potential privacy leak when federating with OStatus so we *cannot* safely support it"

@theoutrider excellent explanation and totally understandable compromise. If the core functions of federating with ostatus-only nodes are preserved, then I am happy!

@theoutrider @deutrino the privacy problem doesn't really have much to do with ostatus, but the way gargron implemented it in ostatus. Switching to activitipub solves it, but there are easy ways to solve it in ostatus as well.

@lain replying to tag @hyper @maiyannah on your response there since I dug that thread up based on one they were posting in.

@deutrino @lain @hyper Notice scopes have existed in GNU social since it was called StatusNet, everyone's just decided their version (that doesn't federate properly and is off-spec) is better.

@hyper @maiyannah here's a quick chat I had with somebody about the potential of Mastodon dropping ostatus support

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