The mastoverse, as part of an assignment for a uni subject. More visualizations soon


Since everyone is asking, I'll answer here and hope people can see this:
- Node colors mean communities found with the modularity measure (e.g. blue instances are mostly japanese ones)
- Node sizes mean number of connections, not number of users

Full PDF:

@fdavidcl does it use the number of connected instances?

@angristan Apparent communities according to the modularity measure

@angristan Nope, it's finding individual connections between instances by counting users from one instance following those from another (only a small sample of users though, the fediverse is too big for that)

@fdavidcl 1) its hilarious how many versions of the word mastodon are in this graph

2) is size based on number of connections or number of users?

@fdavidcl quite a bit less centralized than I expected (if the sizes are to scale)

@fdavidcl hey, I can see my house from here!

That said, as others have noted, fediverse, not mastoverse 😛 I run pleroma

@pea @fdavidcl It's probably the "mastoverse" as defined by servers that support mastodon's API. This would include Pleroma, but not old school GNU Social.

If the image was measuring the entire OStatus Fediverse, major GNU Social nodes like would be visible.

@fdavidcl are you sharing your code/tool for building this?

@alphakamp The tool for the visualization is Gephi I will probably share the script to obtain the data, when I finish the analysis

@fdavidcl >

This is one is not a mastodon instance but a pleroma one and there is probably other, so it’s the fediverse not the mastoverse…
@lanodan @fdavidcl Incidentally, SPC is connected to 2,794 instances, but GNU Social doesn't expose an API to query that so they're all invisible too sadly :-(
@moonman @fdavidcl @lanodan I eagerly wait to SPC(and other major remaining qvitter instances) to pleroma for more fediverse stats then


Oh nice, I see my instance is between the game makers and the furries.

@fdavidcl It would be interesting (and easy) to see how well the apparent communities line up with language groups, or whether there's other influences that dominate first.

@fdavidcl could you make a clickable/zoomable or searchable version of that?

@fdavidcl Nice. Are there explanations of the size of the circles and of their links, somewhere?

Also, "mastoverse" means you don't consider GNU social, PeerTube or Pleroma instances?

@fdavidcl It's interesting that you chose to size by connections; that makes my single*-user instance comparable in size to and, just because my instance has been around for a long time.

(* reported users are 6; a few bots and a few inactive accounts of friends)

Almost gave up, more than once, but was interested to see so many big/mid sized instances I had never come across. Its... 

... up and left straight through if youre starting from


Almost gave up, more than once, but was interested to see so many big/mid sized instances I had never come across. Its... 

@dazinism @samtoland aha! thanks

Almost gave up, more than once, but was interested to see so many big/mid sized instances I had never come across. Its... 

@mayel @dazinism :) :)

Takes a little while, but we are actually pretty prominent.

@fdavidcl @samtoland I'm curious about the meaning of colour references.

@fdavidcl @paladin1 do you have this as a d3s page orso? Wondering about how it looks if you lower the attraction

@fdavidcl I like yours better honestly. I used graphviz to make mine

@wakest I removed it already. however, it was down at a user account /instance level. If I were to regenerate it, it would probably be redonk since the accounts that my server has become aware of now is almost 20k now.

@wakest I could probably try regenerating it just to see. Won't be able to today though

@fdavidcl That’s totally amazing! Is this just based on the Federated timeline? Or is any instance local data take into account?

@feoh It's based on the 'following' connections of people across instances

@fdavidcl I don't understand why isn't huge considering their federation bot

@angristan Because I have very little data probably. I can't scan every user in every instance, instead it's just counting the people followed by Gargron and the people followed by all of those, so it's a "small" sample and there's bias.

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