YouTube are providing 100 free to view movies, including Terminator and the Rocky films. The films have advertisement breaks.

I have no idea what the service is like, as it isn't available to the UK.

@bob @fitheach I'm old enough to remember when the Internet was (at least at Universities) mostly geoblocked/firewalled between insitutions and countries (partly as Cold War was still active then) and I fear we could easily be headed back that way (other than what GAFAM and copyright owners consider commercially viable, as (at least between "Western" countries) its more likely to be commercial decisions driving the blocking rather than governments

@vfrmedia @bob
I should think the "blocked in country" relates to the territories for which YouTube hasn't found advertisers. For this reason it is quite possible the service is only available in the USA (currently). This access restriction isn't much different from e.g. the ITV network or a Netflix subscription.

I'd argue that things like the Great Firewall of China or Google's AMP technology are much greater threats to a free Internet.

@fitheach @bob

this is likely true; although in 1970s and 1980s STV and Grampian were still able to punch well above their weight and get sufficient revenue for entire ITV network to show their content (and made some very good programmes, not just crime shows but niche markets like kids TV, so they were/are smarter than Google 😆 )

The GFW is indeed a major threat because it still lets through "normal/commercial stuff" so "non political" types might not even notice/care as much:

I haven't had a TV for nearly 25 years:

When I was a kid, growing up in the Highlands, we only received once channel (BBC 1) and that was using the old 405 lines technology. When the 405 lines transmitter was decommissioned (early 1980s) there was no terrestrial TV, at all.

There will be a correlation between those areas that didn't have terrestrial TV and those now that don't have ready access to cheap and fast Internet.


@fitheach @bob

often British Telecom are still involved in getting the high bandwidth video signal to the Arqiva transmitter and both were once built on public funded resources); it those things have not been there for 30 years they would have to be built (ISTR some companies mentioning experimenting with UHF white space for broadband but have heard little more about it)

@vfrmedia @bob
Folk on the Fediverse are often complaining about how slow loading some sites on the web are due to bloat. I know some people in the Highlands that still use dial-up, I can't imagine what their experince of the modern web must be like.

@fitheach @bob one of my friends on another forum lives in a remote part of Scotland, he managed to get into the British Telecom Exchange as it had been left insecure(!) and took some photos.

Although there is fibre going to this exchange, and what look like DSLAMs present, it could still be many km of copper beween the exchange and the end premises

That is exactly what our "exchange" looks like. Although, our exchange is actually what BT calls a "Flexibility Point". The one on partyvibe might be the same thing.

Pretty certain ours doesn't have fibre going to it. At least, the last time I checked about 6 months ago, it didn't.


@fitheach @bob

a "flexibility point" in BT jargon appears to mean a lot of different things, but in the modern context usually relates to fibre (it can also be a switching centre for wireless with more than one route)

Its hard to tell from a distance which terminations are which, I suspected the other Highland exchange did have fibre due to the multiple warnings about eye protection (its probably routed in some awkward place where it might not be expected too)

There is no Internet available for our area via BT Openreach, which reinforces my belief that there is no fibre going to the FP building. The actual exchange is about 10 miles from my house. Until recently our copper telephone line went to the FP building.


@fitheach @bob having looked at a few documents, it appears BT also use the term "flexibility point" to relate to copper cabinets, whereas /Ofcom/ generally expect them to contain fibre, hence the confusion!

That's a lot of icons at the bottom of your screen. 😃



I have to use Windows for work (not by choice); most of them are related to Windows apps that run as background services..


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