Don't touch the ravioli, it's garbage.

The nicest part is just before you taste it, but that can’t go on forever.

There's definitely something in the air tonight, Charlie. That's three women in a row he's had.

If I don’t see you through the week,
I’ll see you through a window.

Go do something your own age,
like demolish a phonebox!

G: Have you ever been in love?
I'm in love.

S: Since when?

G: This morning.
I feel restless and dizzy.
I bet I won't get any sleep tonight.

S: Sounds like indigestion.


The quotes have come from one of the best ever made.

Gregory's Girl (1981)

A coming of age romantic comedy, which twists sterotypes until they break. Gregory's life is turned upside down when his place in the football team is taken by Dorothy, who also becomes the object of his affections.

A masterpiece by writer/director Bill Forsyth and starring newcomers: John Gordon Sinclair, Dee Hepburn & Clare Grogan.

If you haven't seen GG go get it now.

I'd love to do a write up on Gregory's Girl. However, I have one wee problem: I haven't seen the film in years.

I have a copy of GG on video tape, but my VCR broke down more than a decade ago. As with many other films in my VCR collection, I haven't updated it to a more modern disc format, yet.

I have toyed with the idea of transfering the tape contents to a digital format. However, the resultant poor quality image & sound doesn't justify the effort.

@fitheach apparently some DVDs (probably the NTSC ones) contain redubbed versions with the actors Anglicised (as well as the original) as it was thought US audience didn't understand Scottish accents..

I keep forgetting Cla(i)re Grogan was an actress and remember her more for 1980s pop songs, maybe from hearing them on Dutch pirate radio and I went to high school with James Rushent (Martin's son) (we were later involved in a larger group putting on warehouse raves around Reading)

I seem to remember there was some controversy about the dubbing/sub-titles for the film. Umbrage was taken.

Clare's musical career started very slightly earlier than her film appearance. Though her film & TV career lasted a bit longer.

Martin produced a few of Altered Images singles, including the big hit Happy Birthday. Did you meet any of the folk Martin produced for?


I never got to meet Martin in person: by the time we were doing the Martin's career was still being rebuilt, I got the impression his health was not 100%.

It was only James and some other younger people who were setting up these events, they weren't licensed/official things!

In hindsight I'm amazed Thames Valley Police didn't give us more trouble for those, but I suspect they saw them to an extent as a "bread and circuses"thing that diverted young people from other crimes..

I got the feeling that the Reading area was a hotbed for raves during that period. I had friends that seemed to go to a raves almost every weekend.

@fitheach it definitely was, and a lot of people involved in providing the sound systems were fairly middle class and worked for the tech companies such as ICL/Fujitsu, Oracle and the various other smaller ones that existed in Reading around that time, which might be why TVP weren't that harsh initially (there was a glut of empty buildings in Reading too due to mergers and acquisitions of many companies..

I guess being "illegal" was part of the fun, never quite knowing if you were going to be busted or not.

@fitheach this was in the days long before TETRA and Airwave radios, we had scanners 😆

Although TVP knew this too and tried to use their GSM mobile phones for more secure comms, it was easy enough to monitor police resource levels and pick the football day when they'd used up the overtime budget and would rarely bother stopping a rave. Also One of the Tango Victors (traffic cops) told us himself they were more worried about the Ridgeway outdoor raves due to the road safety issues (DUI etc)..

Oof, I didn't realise there was such an arms race between the cops and the rave organisers.

drugs, crime Show more

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@vfrmedia @fitheach
She'll always be Kochansky to me. Sigh.
She could have helped me fit the little stilts for the sheep.

@fitheach @vfrmedia
yes :-)
took a bit to find that time code. the vid itself is a bit rubbish, but... hey, it only takes a couple of minutes to get to the stilts.

That is exactly the kind of YT video I was talking about. Big background with small video in a box. Why do that? Filter avoidance?

Anyway, now I know what the stilts are about. Where was Clare?

@laraby @vfrmedia

Ah, that's better.
If I held on another minute, or so, I would've got to that bit.

@fitheach They are so long ago I don't even know where bits are - even which season. I had to look both those up elsewhere.
I do have good copies of red dwarf, but alex (my host, not @vfrmedia ) may not like me posting the originals ;-)

@fitheach not sure if YouTube is an option for you, but it appears to be on there. Often find older films there, not sure if technically allowed though

YT is heavily used here 😃

I did check before writing the post. However, I only found two copies. One was an obvious transfer from tape with poor picture quality. The other was a weird one, with a huge background and an embedded video about the size of a postage stamp.

@fitheach ah yes. I've seen those. Not sure what the point is unless its about bypassing some sort of auto filter

That is what I've assumed, too. I suppose you could download then crop. The quality would still be poor.

@fitheach yeah the audio has been crap in ones I've seen too

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