This week's second was:
Leave Her to Heaven (1945)

Published author Richard meets Ellen while both are on vacation in New Mexico. Within a few days Ellen proposes to Richard, and 2 days later they marry. Very soon their marriage has some extreme twists & turns.

This is a classic even though it is shot in glorious Technicolor. Gene Tierney is one of the meanest femme fatales to ever grace the screen.

This film is not to be missed.


Gene Tierney puts in a terrific performance and thoroughly deserved her Oscar nomination (she lost to Joan Crawford in Mildred Pierce).

Her husband in the plot Richard, played by Cornel Wilde, is a little wooden. Jeanne Crain as the sister/cousin and Darryl Hickman as Danny are both good, considering limited screen time.

Full use of Technicolor is used to show some sumptuous landscapes and interiors including a train carriage.

Think full colour wont work for ? Think again.

Ach, mistake in the Alt text for Photo 4 in my top post. It should say "The Gal with the Hoe".

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