Want to have a laugh?

Some newspaper headlines from the recent past. The first one from The Times. Jingoistic nonsense from exactly two years ago.

"May to EU: Give us fair deal or you'll be crushed"

I'll never stop having nightmares about that tartan suit. The suit will be the only thing getting crushed.

This headline from the Daily Express for June 7th 2017.

Vote May or we face disaster

Replace the "or" with a colon to get nearer the truth.

Last one for the time being.

The Daily Mail
January 18th 2017

The full "glory" of that headline (and a tartan suit in caricature plus handbag).

"On the momentous day Theresa May said Britain WILL quit the single market, she put Cameron's feeble negotiations to shame with an ultimatum to Brussels: We'll walk away from a bad deal - and make EU pay"

"Steel of the new Iron Lady"

I've mentioned in this thread that the anti-EU propoganda has been on-going for 30+ years. Here is one of the most infamous headlines, from almost 29 years ago.

The Sun
November 1st 1990

"Up Yours Delors"
"At midday tomorrow Sun readers are urged to tell the French fool where to stuff his ECU"

The Sun was the UK's largest circulation daily newspaper.

The man who is the target of their ire is Jacques Delors, who at the time was President of the European Commission.

The ECU was the European Currency Unit, the precursor of the Euro.

@fitheach the confidence of someone on their way to a Bay City Rollers gig..

@jk @fitheach
My mum met Alan Longmuir of the Bay City Rollers in the railwayman's club in Edinburgh in 1978. She got him to phone my sister who was 16 at the time. I still remember her saying to him I don't know who you are than hanging up.

@fitheach @jk
My mum had to phone her back to explain what was going on.

Oh dear. I would think your sister would be gutted.


@fitheach @jk
To be honest, I don't think she was bothered, she wasn't that into pop music.

@fitheach for some inexplicable reason she also appears to have dressed up as one of the Bay City Rollers 😆

@vfrmedia @jk
Great minds think alike: Bay City Rollers indeed. 😃

@fitheach wow, this is not just idiotic -- it's malicious.

This is not going to go down well for the UK. What are they going to do about a "bad deal", Brexit yet again?..

I mean, EU negotiators are probably just looking at this and going: "uhm yeah good luck with that".

> not just idiotic -- it's malicious.
That's the UK press for you. I could be posting screenshots of newspaper frontpages all day long, showing the exact same thing. I haven't even got onto the ones dealing with immigration.

Note that such headlines were also carried by the so-called quality press like The Times & The Telegraph.

It was one factor in turning a Remain lead into a victory for Leave.

@fitheach That's incredible.

In Germany there is the crime of "Volksverhetzung" - which can be only insufficiently translated as rabble-rousing or maybe "incitement of hate crimes". This would probably pass as such.

These headlines were certainly more concentrated during, and immediately after, the EU referendum, but they have been a constant theme for 30+ years. The British have been conditioned to hate the EU almost since the start of membership.

The mood in Scotland is entirely different. In the EU referendum 62% of Scots voted to Remain in the EU. That level of support is probably higher now.

@fitheach @tsturm

Yup, 30+ years of nonsense, spewed by rich white elderly men, and 10+ years of austerity and cost-cutting everywhere.

Add a dash of complete incompetence (Cameron), and quite a dollop of russian money (since they have their own objectives in this) and there you go...

Some of the nastiest right wing politicians in the Conservative party include Sajid Javid & Priti Patel. In fact, it was pointed out recently that things Javid was saying about immigration would have prevented his parents coming to the UK.


@fitheach @tsturm

When I was talking about rich elderly white men, I was more thinking about the owners of British tabloids, but I am afraid you are right about Patel and Javid.

On the other hand, Jacob Rees-Mogg is almost a contender for "most punchable face ever"...

I realised you were talking about the newspaper proprietors, I was just pointing out that the attitude isn't restricted to middle-aged white men.

> most punchable face ever"...
How can you say that about Harry Potter? 😉


@fitheach @tsturm

As we say in French: "Harry Potter a mal vieilli..." 😋

@fitheach @tsturm

You could also say that this is the inclusivity of the Conservative party: within it, anyone can be a racist elderly rich white man! 🤣

@fitheach I can imagine that most people in Scotland are horrified to be dragged along with this bullshit. Does it feel like there is enough momentum to attempt to break up the UK?

In short: yes. One of the problems in the first Scottish referendum was all our media being owned from outside Scotland. During the whole campaign there was a relentless onslaught against the pro-independence side. That included the BBC.

The whole EU referendum campaign, and the resultant catastrophe since, will have opened people's eyes to the reality of UK politics.

I am concerned that we are leaving our second Scottish referendum a bit late.

@fitheach Yeah. This starts to look like the Scots might be far better off pursuing independent re-admission to the EU.

Well, actually that is part of the problem of leaving it so late. Re-admission would be really hard. Much better would be some kind of grace period that allowed Scotland to continue as an EU member until all the independence stuff was sorted. In 2014 it was estimated that negotiating independence would take about 18 months. As things are at the moment, we will be leaving the EU on March 29th.

@fitheach Yes, true. But I could imagine the EU might be willing to give Scotland an extra grace period due to the special circumstances. It also helps that - if I'm not completely misinformed - Scotland will have access to North Sea oil. I'm sure the EU can see the point of that. :)

Absolutely. The EU is a political construct even more than it is a legal one. If the EU27 wanted to allow Scotland to have continued EU membership they could make it happen. However, the whole UK, including Scotland, will be leaving in about 6 weeks. The manner of the leaving might be a no-deal scenario. That could be very damaging.

Scotland might not even be in a position to request re-admission to the EU for a year or two, at best.

@fitheach @tsturm

This could very well be the end of the United Kingdom as we know it. The Guardian was speculating today that Europe really was the only thing holding the country together.

With Scotland and Northern Ireland voting to stay and having to leave against their will, you have to wonder how long until this whole thing blows up.

Oops, typo. It should've said: about 9 weeks.

@fitheach It's going to go pretty quick. I am baffled by the general lack of urgency coming out of London.

Lack of agreement between two factions who cannot be reconciled. You cannot square a circle.

The "funny" thing is David Cameron called the EU referendum to quell the division in his party (Conservatives), once and for all.

I think The Sun and their ilk are just as racist, it is just a little more cleverly hidden than it used to be.

The text is quite readable for me, if I view at 100%. Is that not possible?

For anyone else having difficulty reading the text on The Sun frontpage, here it is zoomed-in.

[You've almost got to laugh that it was written by "The Sun Diplomatic staff".]

I'd forgotten about that page. Thanks for the reminder.

@fitheach That Putin headline though... is this parody?

It might have been a tongue-in-cheek comment by Putin, I don't know.

The image is big enough for you to read the story.

@fitheach I had to download the image to read it... because my computer is funny.

Interesting framing. The real lede is buried, and emphasis is on some eye-catching bullshit. Ah, journalism.

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