Interesting frontpage for today's Sunday Times.

Not so much for the headline, as May has been in meltdown for months. It is the photo the paper has used. Someone has been busy with Photoshop. Theresa May doesn't look like that. Note her eye colour in today's newspaper and compare it with her official photo used in Wikipedia.

I don't think that is a lighting effect. I wonder why they did it.

@fitheach Yes that is strange. On her own website she clearly doesn't have blue eyes.

Nothing appears on a newspaper frontpage by accident. The frontpage is the newspaper's equivalent of their shop window. The editorial team will spend more effort on this facet than any other single thing in the paper.

I suspect the photo desk were asked to get a recent image of Theresa and "make her look austere".

Yeah, probably.
Up until recently I thought the (Sunday) Times were supportive of May. This might be indicative of a change of position.

You can tell a newspapers position by the type of photograph they use of politicians. Some of the best examples were of Ed Miliband when he was Labour leader. Miliband did manage to put himself into a lot of "bad" photo ops. Think bacon sandwich.

I think she has green/blue eyes, but in the image from the Sunday Times they are much more blue. Overall, I'd say the ST image has a much stronger blue cast (temperature). You can see that in her skin and hair colouring, too.

BTW Your photo has a touch of soft focus about it. 😃


@fitheach an old trick of the press. They wanna make her look extra bad.

I can't say for sure as I haven't looked at *every* copy of the Sunday Times, but I feel this signifies a change of direction. I'm sure they were broadly supportive before today.

A long time ago (in political terms) was this frontpage from their sister paper:

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