I've often posted about bagpipes before, but I've never mentioned electric bagpipes. A post by @tfb reminded me.

In essence electric bagpipes emulate the pressing of the bag or simulate the chanter.

Even better, there are a couple of Free software projects that allow you to hack your own electric bagpipes using an Arduino.

@fitheach @tfb This is cool! I wonder do they also work as electric uileann pipes?

@cathal @tfb
They do. There are simulators/emulators for all of the diffent bagpipes. They do sound a bit different from the real things. Commercially made products emphasise the portability and practice use of electric bagpipes.

@fitheach @cathal It's also worth mentioning the Warbl in this context; it's primarily intended as a MIDI tin whistle, but is also a reasonable Uilleann pipe controller with a bag and bell sensor. The finger spacing is that of a D whistle, so tiny for a chanter. But so much less likely to wake the family than a real set of pipes!

Also Arduino based and open soft- and hardware.

@fitheach @tfb I learned the basics of the chanter when I was a teenager but never learned the bag. I read about the eChanter a few months ago, and would really like to make one, but I don't really have the time, and hardware doesn't like me. If I could buy one made for less than a traditional chanter, I would be so on this.

I've seen people discussing electronic bagpipes/chanters, never seen one in the wild.

There is an apparently Scottish company called GlenCoe Bagpipes:
selling on Ebay
There is an Aussie company selling an expensive, but cool looking chanter:
There is also the Fagerstrom:

Making your own would be a lot cheaper, of course.


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