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@jomo I also dislike that add-on and think it is not a good idea of them to do this A/B user testing. Still… that's kinda the point of the add-on. Get suggestions for the websites you visited. If the user ops-in into that (i.e. actively installs the add-on and is aware of that thing) I can see nothing wrong with that. It's their choice to share the browser history.

@rugk Yes, this should be opt-in and it should clearly say that all of your browsing history is sent to that company.

@jomo are you fucking kidding me? I just started using firefox again after palemoon started having too many issues :/

@jomo but hey at least the code is open-source 🙄😒

@jomo um what. thi combined with the fact that firefox has been crashing every 10 minutes for the last few days makes me strongly consider switching

@jomo ok. time to say goodbye to mozilla.
Any recomidations for browser?

@paulfree14 @jomo Come on… That's 1 percent of all users. So it won't affect you at all if you do not reinstall your browser (and even if it does, just uninstall it in the addons panel)

@rugk @paulfree14 I think it's a reasonable response, no matter if it's one or all users. They can't seriously stand for privacy while sending browsing history to a private company without informing their users.

@jomo @paulfree14 The thing is there is no better good mainstream FLOSS browser. There are Firefox forks using legacy stuff. Maybe use epiphany. That is not a mainstream browser, however, and it won't have all recent features, but at least it gets security updates.

Also I think Mozilla's stand on privacy is quite good, compared to Google or so. It's just that they (or one department) sometimes does such bad decisions

@paulfree14 @jomo @rugk
when it's just one department I'm awaiting their response. If they just take the pill, mozilla is lost for me.
...and shure better then google, but still funded by them for obeying to their marketing department.

@paulfree14 @jomo Mozilla is not anymore funded by Google. They even do not have a contract for the advertising revenue previously generated by using Google as a search engine in many countries.


It doesn't look horrible but not something that should really be bundled with firefox?

@Elizafox It comes as a pre-installed extension (which can be removed)

@jomo “no surprises. That’s why we’re telling you about this today”. Since you know everyone reads the fucking Mozilla blog religiously

@jomo Search for "cliqz" on about:config and clear clear the values of the keys found. Of course we should make big noise about this shit. Mozilla will have to learn, so they can stuff cliqz in their ass.
@jomo that's a lame move.. maybe just ask everyone if they are willing to test it on the install, and make the default no. even that i don't really like...

@jomo @KnowPresent I think cliqz is doing it right and they are under the control of a law and a DPA in Munich. No profile, no IP... What's your concern?

@rigo @jomo I suspect you are trolling but I will give you the benefit of doubt:
1. "anonymized" data can be de-anonymized. Many cases of this.
2. DPA has done little to modify egregious tracking and sloppy security of big data companies operating in germany (FB, Yahoo, Google, etc.)
3. Most importantly, for me, I expect Mozilla, a bulwark for democracy and security on the net, to not get involved with slimy surveillance capitalists!