Last night we ordered a box of #vegetables from a #wholesale supplier that normally delivers to restaurants. About 250 NOK (≈ 24 USD / 21.50 EUR (fuck the exchange rate atm…)) for ±6 kg.

I'm especially looking forward to roasting those #beets in the oven with some of the #carrots (and some #potatoes leftover from our own last year's harvest).
The #onions will be used up quickly too.

I'll need some inspiration for the #celery root and baby #fennel

#food #ingredients

The contents were a mystery before we opened it, and while I would've preferred more beet roots instead of the celeriac, and some of the produce has some soft spots, I think overall it was a good deal. :) At least it's one less thing we need to buy from the shops.

The #cauliflower will probably end up in a stir-fry, and the #rutabaga in a mash with some thyme, rosemary, #carrots and potatoes.

The #courgette 🥒 might make a small soup, same with the #brokkoli. :)



@FiXato nice!
I live in the south of Norway, and not that many wholesalers in the area... so would definitely be interested in how you found that deal. >P

Here we have been given food (non-freezable stuff) from the kitchens of the local village restaurants that were closing due to the quarantine. Very happy that the food isn't going to waste.

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"Vi distribuerer kvalitetsvarer til storhusholdningen i hele Nordland samt store deler av Troms og Finnmark." so I guess #MatGrossisten Nord is perhaps not as 'wholesale' as I thought, but if I understood my SO @Siiw correctly, they do normally ship to restaurants.
They currently don't have shipping costs on orders above 199 NOK within our area, which helps make it worth it. :)

@FiXato @Siiw

Hærlig! Trenger bare å finne "matgrossisten sør" nå... xP
Thank you for sharing.

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